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Moms for Moms Communities are social networks for mothers to connect, share information, find and offer support and be inspired. We are building community by engaging mothers.

Small Mountain Communities

Moms for Moms sites are in small mountain communities across North America. Families choose to live in these beautiful, remote places to raise our children within easy access of the incredible mountains and rivers that surround us, and to enjoy the all benefits of small town living that mountain communities offer. These values, and friendly attitdues lend themselves to members who share authentically on the sites. We are all either friends, friends of friends, or recognize each other from around town, allowing us to feel safe to share. And the relationships we build on the site pour over onto Main Street building a stronger community.

Special Interest Niches

Moms for Moms sites focus on special interests on a global scale. When you’ve made a choice for your family like homeschooling, or you are faced with a diagnosis like Autism, not everyone can relate. Sometimes “just being a mom” isn’t enough of a connection. Every mom can listen, empathize and be a friend, but you seek the connection, information, and support from a mother who personally understands.

Motherhood is Our Common Bond

Mothers have an inherent need to communicate. From the moment you become a mother the rest of the world melts away and your whole life’s focus becomes your baby, your family and yourself. Mothers feel isolated by family and work schedules leaving little time to have real adult interactions. Social networks allow us to connect on our time late at night or during a nap, and hear back from others we trust by the time we get back online.


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