My Story

“Without a reliable, local support network, motherhood can be very isolating. As a new mom, I remember how difficult it was to feel disconnected from my community. MomsForMomsCommunities delivers a hyper-local, 24-7 venue for connecting with other local moms. In nine different communities across the country, MomsforMoms has helped countless families engage with their community, receive wisdom from others’ experience, and gain the support and perspective that only motherhood can provide. MomsforMoms supports families, promotes local commerce and helps to build healthy communities.”

My name is Janine Cuthbertson and I am the founder of Moms for Moms Communities. My husband Mike and I moved into the idyllic mountain town of Carbondale, CO in early 2008 with our one year old daughter Aria and I instantly felt at home. We had lived in the Aspen Valley for six years, but moving into the heart of this incredible community was something special. Living just one block off Main Street, I walked or biked every where with Aria meeting other moms in the library, the cafes and at the park. One mother extended an invitation to join their email group to find out about play-dates and I became a member the same day. The email group continued to grow over the next two years and started to become a place for mothers to seek advise, offer support and share information.


I remember feeling lucky that our community had an email group for moms and that I was a part of it.

A Call to Action

In January of 2010 the Haiti Earthquake devastated the island and people of Haiti. I had a soft spot in my heart for Haiti after working with inner-city Haitian students in Miami. That night, as I was rocking our daughter Tahlia to sleep, I felt an overwhelming sadness that brought me to tears as I thought of all the Haitian mothers who were in chaos and darkness. I was so grateful for the safety of our home over my head, food, water and the knowledge that my baby’s cries were only from a new tooth and not because she was injured, buried under rubble, starving or lost. As a mother, I felt moved to help these mothers. I used our email group to mobilize a Haitian Relief Effort, you can read about the Haiti Relief Effort here. The email group allowed me to get the word out, but I could not interact with the members in a dynamic manner and felt frustrated by the limitations of the outdated technology.

I knew there had to be a better platform for us to share, organize and communicate with each other.

Moms for Moms Communities is Born

With research, creative development and invaluable support from my Mike, I launched my first social network, Carbondale Moms for Moms, in March 2010 for the mothers of Carbondale to connect, share information, find and offer support and be inspired. One member immediately dubbed it our “super-highway of local mommy information.” I realized that this resource was much greater than me or our community of Carbondale. The sites build community by engaging mothers.

As a mother it was such a gift be part of Carbondale Moms for Moms, I wanted to share this gift with all mothers. I had discovered a new passion, Moms for Moms Communities was born.

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