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    faqSteps to Start You in the Right Direction

    You’ve completed Academy Registration and you’ve successfully logged into the Academy.

    There’s always a chance for a technical hiccup, so to make your start as smooth as possible I’ve created this FAQ section to answer Getting Started questions.

    If you don’t see your question answered start a new comment below and I will be glad to help you!



    Academy Profile

    Q: How do I add my photo to my profile?

    A: Our website pulls your profile information from an app called GRAVATAR.

    1. Please visit Gravatar and click “Create Your Own Gravatar.” Please create a new account with your MfM email address.
    2. Enter your Moms for Moms email address, your name, and create a password.
    3. Click Sign up.



    Payment Info

    Q: How do I update my credit card information with Moms for Moms Communities?

    A: Please use the Contact Us forum to notify us of changes or updates to your payment information.

    Q: What happens if my payment declines?

    A: Our payment system will generate an email to you and to Moms for Moms that a payment failed. Please send an email to billing@momsformomscommunities.com with instructions for how Moms for Moms should resubmit the payment. For example:

    • New credit card number
    • New expiration date
    • Funds are now available, submit payment again



    Email Set Up

    Q: How do I set up my Moms for Moms email?

    A: Click this Email Set Up Tutorial link to find the answers to all your email questions.





    MfM Owners Forum

    Q: What is the MfM Owners Forum?

    A: It is a closed Facebook Group that all Community Owners are invited to join to provide easy and fast communication in real time to ask questions, get advise and chime in to conversations.

    • Use it to connect with each another to collaborate, learn and be inspired during and after completing the Academy.
    • Ask questions of the other Community Owners, believe me if you have the question I guarantee others do to and may already have an answer!
    • Click here to request membership to our MfM Owners Forum. One of us will accept you promptly!

    Q: Is there a Search Bar in the MfM Owners Forum to find previous topics? 

    A: YES! In the top right corner of the Group page click on the magnifying glass symbol to open the Search Bar.

    • Type in keywords to narrow your search.
    • From the questions in the Owners Forum I will continue to create video tutorials, how-to’s, and recommendations and add them to the Academy.
    • When new content is available I will post a link in Owners Forum to let everyone know.

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    1. SiennaSolberg

      I have a question… I tried to sign up with Gravatar. When I did, it took me to WordPress.com, and it seemed like it was creating me a wordpress blog website. Is this right? I didn’t know, so I stopped my sign.up mid.way.

      Janine Reply:

      Hi Sienna,
      That is correct. Just like some apps let you sign in with Facebook, this app uses a WordPress login. You won’t be creating a website, just creating an account under wordpress.com that Gravatar uses. I know it seems a little round-a-about. Use your MfM email to create that account. If you ever want to create your own WordPress site in the future you’ll create one with your personal email address.
      Thanks for asking, I’ll make that more clear in the tutorial!

    2. Janine

      Hi Academy Moms,
      Great job running through Getting Started – any questions?