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    Your Branded Moms for Moms Email

    Starting today all MfM communication from the Academy and your website will go to your new email address!

    While its not possible for me to be tech support for your home computer and personal business, here are a few tips and videos to help you set up your email account the way you want it.




    First Things First: Mailbox Manager

    Dreamhost uses an email program called Squirrel Mail. I’ll be honest, its not pretty. So after you get in I highly recommend using Outlook, Mac Mail, Gmail or whatever email software you like. There are instructions in Squirrel Mail further on…

    • From Dreamhost, navigate to Mail –> Manage Email
    • Click the link for Mailbox Manager
    • In the future you can bypass the Dreamhost set by just typing in the url: mailboxes.xxmomsformoms.com
    • NOTE this url and BOOKMARK it! You’ll need it in the future to troubleshoot email issues, change passwords, etc.

    Squirrel Mailbox Manager Login









    Use the login and password you set up during email registration you’ll arrive at your Mailbox Manager. Note the following sections for the future:

    • Change Password
    • Email Client Configuration. Here are instructions for setting up your account through common email programs like Outlook, etc. You’ll be coming back here in a few minutes!
    • Auto Responder. Just remember its here when you go on vacation or will be offline for any reason.

    Mailbox Manager Main Page




























    Now Check Your Email: Squirrel Mail

    Squirrel Mail doesn’t look very nice, and its not super user friendly. We at Moms for Moms recommend you go through the “Email Client Configuration” back in the Mailbox Manager to set up your email in a program you already use like Outlook, Mail, Gmail etc. 

    Check this out first though so you understand it.

    • Click the link in your email to your Squirrel Mail, or type in the url: webmail.xxmomsformoms.com
    • Note this url too, bookmark it so you can check your email on the web where ever you are!
    • Use the login and password you set up. If you changed your password in the Mailbox Manager, use your new one of course 🙂

    Squirrel Mail Email Login








    Now you’ll arrive at your INBOX.

    • Click on OPTIONS
    • Then click DISPLAY PREFERENCES to make a few tweaks, then scroll down and click SUBMIT.
    • See my changes below.

    Squirrel Mail INBOX


    Squirrel Mail Options


    Squirrel Mail Display Preferences




    Once you’re all set up shoot me an email to test it and I’ll respond if I get it successfully!

    Troubleshooting Email Client Configuration

    • First read through the Email Client Configuration tutorial in your Mailbox Manager.
    • If that doesn’t help here are a few common email program videos I found on YouTube.
    • If your’s isn’t listed, go to YouTube.com and search for “Add an email account to xx” to find a video for your particular email program.

    Forwarding Emails to GMAIL

    Adding Email Account in Outlook 2011 for MAC

    Adding Email Account in Outlook 2007

    Adding Email Account in Mac Mail

    Adding Email Accounts in Thunderbird


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