Module 1: Foundations

foundationYou are on your way to owning and running your own online community! 

I am going to share everything I know with you. You have the benefit of learning from my trial and error, from the Community Owners who launched before you, and from the moms on the journey with you today.


  • Module 1: Foundations will provide strong base of knowledge and understanding.
  • Each Module has Lessons with simple, easy and hands-on Action Steps for you to complete.
  • The Inspiration & Learning section includes videos, articles, infographics and resources.
  • Engage with your fellow Community Owners, inspire those who will come after you, and help build our collective knowledge base. Ah-ha Moments encourage you to ask questions and share what you’ve come away with so far in the Comments on each page.
The Modules are precisely planned out so you have the tools and knowledge you need before you move on to the next step. For your benefit don’t skim, skip ahead or move on until you have completed each one.

Grab your notebook and pen and prepare yourself for the Moms for Moms Communities journey! Your Academy training starts by clicking the first Lesson: Meet Our Community Owners


Your “Why” is everything. Identifying and expressing why you want to run to own a Moms for Moms site will become your cornerstone.

Whether you will build your community in a small mountain town, or around a niche important to mothers the world over, your niche is your most valuable asset.

The culture you foster on your Moms for Moms site is the key to an engaged community. Much like your Why will be your guidepost, the culture becomes the Why for your members.

Moms for Moms sites build a stronger community by engaging mothers. Learn more about how to build a membership base that is active and participates.

You are now a “Mom Entrepreneur”. You will build a following and a business out of nothing. Its an incredible journey of blood, sweat and tears. You are a role model for your children, your community and motherhood. Continuous learning through curiosity.

More specifically you will become a “social entrepreneur” and grow your niche and brand through all forms of social media.

Are there other mom resources in your area or niche? Compare and contrast. Get some feedback from moms you know!

Awesome! You've completed Module 1: Foundations. Here's a wrap-up!