Module 1: Foundations
Market Research

market researchSocial Networks are hot, comparable to where blogs were a decade ago.

You are on the forefront of this new technology which is a very exciting place to be! Don’t be afraid, check out your competition (if there is any.)

You aren’t the first person to think about connecting mothers and sharing information, but you have a superior way to do it.

Action Step 1.

Do some online research. Type in keywords like “moms” “moms in my town name (or niche)”, etc. Check out each one.  Many may be outdated or not active. Some will only be for SAHMs or only for meet-ups. Some will be chapters of impersonal huge national websites.  Bookmark the good ones you want to learn from.

*I recommend organizing your bookmarks with folders like “Other Mom Sites”, “Business Articles”, “Social Media” so you put your bookmarks in a logical place where you can easily find them again!

Action Step 2.

While you are researching take notes of:

1) What you like and don’t like about each site.

2) How you could build a partnership with them to collaborate. Are there ways you could support each other without stepping on toes?

Action Step 3.

Talk to your future members. Chat with teachers, community leaders, and people you respect about your plan to launch a website for mothers.

* Just don’t let that “horny toad committee” make you doubt yourself with their negative croaking  There will always be those who don’t believe it can done, or don’t want to see you succeed. Surround yourself with positve, like-minded, encouraging people who believe in you and get you excited. Notice I didn’t say to talk to all your friends about it… be wise in your choosing.

Inspiration & Learning

The beauty of Moms for Moms sites is all mothers, from pregnancy through grandmotherhood, are invited to join – you are building a stronger local community by engaging all mothers! Our sites offer such a wide variety of features from the Forum to Events to the Marketplace, that there is something for everyone.

No need to feel intimidated or territorial if you find similar websites. Coming from a place of collaboration and offering cross-promotion does a pretty good job at diffusing any tension. And always keep your story and Why? in mind.

Ah-ha Moment?

So, did you find any? Share your discoveries about other mom sites with us here in the Comments.

Next Step:

You did it! Congratulations on completing Module 1: Foundations! Conclusions wraps up your learning and gives you a seek peak to Module 2: Set Up.

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  1. MelissaUtley

    When typing “Kalispell moms” into Google the first and only result is Kalispell Moms for Moms! Which is great! The first link is to the website. The second search result is to the Facebook page. I did scroll down to see if Andrea had previously replied to this question. I was curious to know if there were other groups in the area because I do not know of any. I read your idea of connecting with Sienna and Nikki I would love to do that. It has crossed my mind if mutli site advertising was possible and it would make sense for the 3 of us to collaborate.

  2. LauraMeyer

    I have researched other sites in the area and honestly I don’t connect with them as much as I have always connected with the BMFM and other MFM’s sites. I am still active in a large group of moms from my Dallas community and with over 10,000 members in that group I will continue to pull ideas from their successful pages.

    I handled all of the marketing for Mid Valley MOPS for the first two years I was in the valley. Most of our success in reaching moms was through BMFM using the events calendar and forum. Unfortunately the two active leaders in MOPS have moved from the area and we did not have the support we needed to keep the group together. Hopefully through BMFM I can re-create some of that awesome community and even organize events to help wrangle moms to get together.

    Janine Reply:

    Laura, that’s wonderful that you are still connected with your Dallas moms site. Maybe you could connect with them and write a blog story about what you loved about your online community there and how it inspired you to become the new Community Owner of Basalt Moms for Moms? I’m sure they would love it, and great publicity for you 🙂

    That’s too bad that MidValley MOPS ended, I remember how active you guys were. You should for sure re-create that group right in BMFM – add a new Group, invite all the moms that were part of it, and you guys can continue discussions or plan a get together, at least an easy way to stay connected, perhaps a future member will be ready to spearhead it again…

    Be sure to also follow KidKonnector in the RFV. My friend and colleague, Georgina Levey launched that site less than a year ago as a way to connect visitors (and locals) to events. We do have some overlap, but cross promoting is always a positive. The good thing is all the local advertising partners already have relationships with MFM so be sure to give them lots of love so they continue with you, Virginia and Tracy!

  3. VirginiaEdelson

    I have researched some and also have heard about KidKonnector from several friends. I look forward to collaborating with them to provide the best information to moms and visiting moms in the Aspen area.

    Janine Reply:

    Coming from a place of collaboration is always welcomed, especially in our small, tight-knit RFV! Georgina Levy, the founder of KidKonnector is a friend and colleague of mine from the Aspen School District. She was born and raised in Aspen and has 2 boys in Elementary school. She would love to meet with you as the new owner of AMM. While KidKonnector offers visitors and locals with information, AMM provides a safe place for mothers specifically to communicate and connect. With AMM’s 4 1/2 year history in the valley, you have the benefit of longstanding relationships and a proven track record with paying advertisers, while KidKonnector launched recently. There is opportunity to differentiate yourselves while supporting one another.

  4. TracyHolcombe

    I found a MOPS site in Rifle, Moms of PreSchoolers. But that seems more like an in face to face group, and it is pretty far away. I also looked at the kidkonnector site and noticed the Moms for Moms ad up there. Looks great, nice collaboration!

    Janine Reply:

    Tracy, KidKonnector was launched recently by my friend Georgina Levey up in Aspen. She is a middle school teacher and all around community super-hero. She desperately wants to collaborate with all the MFM sites in the RFV. I encourage you to have lunch together and talk about the future of your two sites supporting one another and focusing on the different audiences you reach and the different needs you both fulfill.
    MOPS and MidValley Moms are both faith based groups for mothers to meet in person. MOPS is an international group and MidValley Moms is local started by Ginny Paas, a member of Basalt and Carbondale. She started as a MidValley MOPS group and then branched it out on her own. She is passionate about motherhood too and loves CMM. Having coffee with her too would support both your sites!
    Coming from a place of collaboration and cross-promotion will win these ladies over!

  5. IaFaraoni

    I didn’t find any other Moms group in my area…

    Thanx for the advise in the Action Step 3 :)…

    Janine Reply:

    Ia, glad you like the advise about the “horny toad committee,” don’t listen to any doubts or negative grumblings. Just smile and move on to people who appreciate and believe in what you are doing!

    There is a new website that just launched in Aspen called KidKonnector:
    by my friend Georgina Levey. She is also a member of Aspen Moms for Moms. We have been supportive of each other and she loves AMM for the Forum part. I suggest you reach out to her and talk about collaboration!

  6. AndreaOwens

    I already had some advertisers on the site from Gretchen but marketing was not important to her so I started from scratch. I found that friends, word of mouth are best. I did not have much luck with sending letters or going into businesses to introduce myself/site worked. I also run a a lot of advertising specials and it attracts people.

    Janine Reply:

    Andrea, what other websites, online communities or blogs are in the Kalispell area that cater to Moms, families or children? This Lesson is meant for you to find out who your competition is for mom members, learn what other sites are doing, how you can do it better, and how you can collaborate with them to cross-promote.

    Have you been introduced to Nikki MacLean, the Community Owner of Whitefish Moms for Moms yet? She and I have been friends for over 12 years when we started teaching together at Aspen Middle School. When she moved her family to Whitefish she and I launched Whitefish MFM and she is still running it. You two can build the type of relationship that Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Glenwood and Rifle have where we cross-promote each other and sign multiple site advertising deals!

    And you should connect with Sienna Solberg the Community Owner in Missoula. She hasn’t launched her site yet, but the 3 of you MT girls should connect and support each other!

    Would you like to reach out to Nikki and Sienna, or should I introduce you three through an email?

  7. Sandy Raley

    There is one particular website that is called Its owned by a local news station and I believe its also national. They have quit a few advertisers on their site and so it gave me a good inside of what kind of companies are interested in advertising locally to moms. I am going to look into these companies a little further and see if they are looking to be apart of another moms site. I also have a few meetings set up in the near future to chat with some ladies about what they want to see on the website and how I can improve it.

    Janine Reply:

    You are right, there are many news and media channels across the country who have caught on to the value of mom networks. They use moms sites to bring an audience to their news stations. MFM sites are much more valuable, truly locally driven and moms can feel that difference.
    Good idea to see what advertisers are on there, but it might be hard to convince them to advertise on 2 moms sights in the same local area… but maybe if they aren’t seeing results or clicks they would be interested in switching – sell them on the core values of your site and the engagement of moms and the ways you can promote their content far beyond the ad placement!

  8. SiennaSolberg


    Would you mind talking sometime next week about focus groups and some ideas. I have some specific ideas, but need some help figuring out how I’d implement them… Let me know when would work for you! I’d love to schedule 5-7 focus groups for the month of February!

    Thanks SO much,