Module 1: Foundations
Meet Our Community Owners

child on shoulders in forestWe each have a unique story; our story is our Why?

Each Moms for Moms community owner arrived at this very spot from her own motivations and dreams, just like you. You will find commonality, and differences in perspective. What motivates all of us is our desire to connect mothers and build a stronger community.

Action Step 1.

Read through each Community Owner’s story. As you read jot down connections that resonate with you. Do your stories parallel or intersect? What do you have in common? What inspires you about them?

Click here to Meet Our Moms and read their stories. 

Action Step 2.

Go through your list and circle two moms who stand out to you. Write each one an email to introduce yourself and share what inspired you about them. You are welcome to join their site to learn and get ideas. Start following their Facebook Page for their community site and other social media links they have.

Inspiration & Learning

Moms for Moms Communities owners are making headlines! We’ve been interviewed for magazines, newspapers and been invited as guests on local talk shows and the evening news. Watch and read about our moms In the News! and on our Moms for Moms YouTube Channel. 

Ah-ha Moment?

What inspires you about your fellow Community Owners? Share your Ah-ha moments in the Comments below.

Next Step

Congratulations, you’ve completed Lesson 1! Welcome to our circle of Community Owners. Now you are ready for Your Why?: Foundations Lesson 2

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  1. MelissaUtley

    I chose to write to Sienna and Tracy. I can relate to Sienna’s story. I also felt very isolated once I had my little one. I found what I needed in the Kalispell Moms for Moms community. I wrote Tracy because she had a quote about the Moms for Moms communities enhancing lives. I completely agree! My life has been enhanced by the KMfM community. I also can relate to her being on the career track. I too was that way. I never envisioned being a stay at home mom until I couldn’t imagine leaving my daughter with any of the childcare options available to me.

    Janine Reply:

    Welcome again to the Moms for Moms Academy! You’ve gotten off to a fantastic start.

    Great job reaching out to Tracy and Sienna. I know Tracy personally as I sold Carbondale to her when our family moved 5 months ago to Kauai. She is a dedicated community member and her passion for motherhood is wonderful, I’m sure you two can learn a lot from each other, I love that her story resonated with you.

    Perhaps Sienna emailed you back, she was enrolled in the Academy to launch Missoula and needed to take it slowly when she became pregnant with her 2nd baby, so she is currently holding off, but looks forward to launching in the future.

    I am thrilled you are joining our amazing group of moms around the country, Kalispell Moms for Moms will surely thrive with your passion and expertise!

  2. LauraMcElyea

    I have reached out to both Virginia and Tracy. Virginia and I actually had a chance to meet in person and talk about our future goals with Moms for Moms! I hope to meet Tracy soon as well. I look forward to following both of their sites and working together in the future.

    I moved to Basalt four years ago. I immediately found the Basalt Moms for Moms page and it was a wonderful tool for me to use to get to know moms in my community. Reading the bios from all of the other mothers reminded me why this network is so valuable and how important it is for mothers to connect. I am so excited to be a part of this community and I hope that I will help moms find new friends and support just as all these awesome Moms for Moms community owners have in their own towns. 🙂

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Laura!
    Let me first officially welcome you to the Moms for Moms Academy! So glad you are off and running on your training, I really look forward to work along side you over the next few weeks so you are confident and prepared to take over ownership of Basalt Moms for Moms and run with it.

    I’m thrilled you and Virginia had the opportunity to meet in person to share ideas, you two bring strong skill sets to the table to convert all the potential built up in your sites to fruition. Collaborating with clients and growing your memberships together to reach all the mothers from Aspen to Snowmass, Woody Creek, Old Snowmass, Basalt, Willits and up to Reudi will be amazing. And then when you meet Tracy, you three will continue the growth down through Carbondale, Redstone and Missouri Heights! Tracy brings intelligence and a strong love of community – you guys will be an unstoppable team!
    I am so excited to have YOU as part of our MFMC family of Community Owners! As a collective we are greater than the sum of our parts. Congratulations again on your decision and cheers to your future!

  3. VirginiaEdelson

    Hi Janine! I have reached out to Kelly in basalt and Tracy in Carbondale after reading through the community owner bios/philosophies.

    My ah-ha: that’s hard to say! I think it will be amazing once these relationships start to develop. The strong and resonating element is that we all feel very strongly about providing this great service of creating community amongst those in the roaring fork valley and see how valuable that community is.

    Janine Reply:

    Welcome again Virginia to Moms for Moms Communities!
    Yes, fostering community is the bond that ties all the Owners together. Along with creating community for Aspen, you are now also joining the community of Owners across the country. I am so glad you reached out to Kelly and Tracy, and I look forward to introducing you in the Owners Forum!

  4. TracyHolcombe

    I am inspired by the wide range of experiences and background that all the Moms for Moms Community owners share. I love that we are all here bringing our personal journeys to the group and working to bring moms in our community together to create a connected and warm environment.

    I especially loved to hear about moms having community that they consider family and continuing to do amazing things like running a ten acre farm or teaching Spanish or traveling the world. I feel very excited and fortunate to join such an amazing group of women.

    Janine Reply:

    Tracy, Welcome again to Moms for Moms Communities! I’m so excited to have to start the Academy.
    You too are bringing your unique strengths and experiences to the table. With each new Community Owner our breadth of knowledge expands and we all benefit!
    Over the years I continue to be amazed by the support of Carbondale mom community – whether they rally around a relief effort, offer their comments for a new library, or hold up a mother in need – it is truly inspiring.
    I look forward to adding your story to our website in the next Module and introducing you to the Community Owners soon!

  5. IaFaraoni

    First of all, I want to thank u Janine for the brilliant idea of Moms for Moms Communities… I am so hapPy and excited to part of this group… Every story of the community owners are inspiration… Just like Sienna said, this is a perfect opPortunity to make a difference…

    Janine Reply:

    Welcome again Ia! Wonderful to meet you at the Paint & Sip class, now we can put a face and person with the name. I love your enthusiasm and belief in Moms for Moms, let your journey begin!

  6. Sandy Raley

    I’m inspired to get to know my community moms better and to grow a more active role in getting all the members more involved with each other so they feel they have a great support group with in the community.

    Janine Reply:

    Welcome again Sandy! You are continuing the legacy of GVMFM for your mom community, for which they are grateful!

  7. AndreaOwens

    I enjoyed reading each and every one of the bio’s. I am so excited to be a part of this group.

    My inspiration comes from a few people I have met throughout my life.

    A girl I knew just as an acquaintance through mutual friends named Stacy. She is athletic,strong, brave and a great Mom. When I am exercising and I don’t want to go on, I think of her.

    I am inspired to be a better Mom when I am surrounded by girlfriends and the encouraging words we have for one another.

    Janine Reply:

    Thanks for your feedback Andrea, glad the other Community moms inspire you, I’m sure inspired by all of you too!

  8. SiennaSolberg


    I meant to comment on those amazing movies BRAIN POWER and ENGAGE. Did you develop those for MfMs? Also, as we are promoting MfMs, can we use some of the youtube clips?


    Janine Reply:

    Sienna, I’m so glad you liked the Brian Power and Engage videos, aren’t they amazing! Those were created by a friend and mentor, Tiffany Shlain (you can Google her) for organizations to promote their brand and message. Yes, you can share and use all the YouTube clips!

  9. SiennaSolberg

    There are so many amazing moms who are owners of Moms for Moms! What an inspiration they all are. I love reading the articles and watching the vids… just knowing that there are moms out there who went through a similar process… feeling like their community was missing connections with moms, reaching out to create a site, going through a training, and then launching a site that soon becomes successful. It’s exciting!

    Externally, I get inspiration from my family. My mom who is so strong and creative. My dad who is artistic and witty. My husband who works so hard to be the best husband, dad and teacher, and who is dedicated to all of those “jobs”. My daughter who is so carefree and fun-loving. My friends who are so loyal, creative and generous.
    Internally, I get inspired and motivated by coming up with ideas and trying them. I love challenges in which I have to think outside the box and be creative. I love and get inspired by collaboration. I appreciated seeing how some MfM owners not only had their website but did other things too, like drives and booths. I am excited to collaborate and bounce ideas off of moms who already own their site, and with Laura and Kim.

    Thanks ladies for the inspiration!

    Janine Reply:

    Sienna, We are all in this together which makes us all stronger. I encourage you to post in our Owners Forum on FB with all and any ideas you have, we will learn and be inspired by you too! Thank you for sharing your inspirations.

  10. LauraLawyer

    I love that we are all moms on the same roller-coaster ride as mothers. Each and every mom inspired me in a different way. Thanks to all you great mamas

    Janine Reply:

    Me too Laura, I am inspired by each mom that joins MfM. That’s also what I love about welcoming new members to our MfM Family!

  11. Janine

    I was inspired today during our call that each of you, on your own, had the idea of creating something for mothers to connect. You had a need that you hoped to fill for yourself, and for other moms in your community.
    And here you are making that idea a reality!