Module 1: Foundations

Mom.pren.eur: A mother who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative.

We are strong, powerful and unique. You are coming to Moms for Moms Communities with your own Why and bringing along unique strengths. Here in the Academy you are surrounded with like-minded, curious and passionate people where our collective wisdom supports us all. Discover what makes you stand out!

Strengths Finder 2.0

Action Step 1. Strengths Finder 2.0

Traditionally people focus on their weaknesses spending much of their energy trying to improve them. Instead, I like the strategy of being clear what your strengths are and using them to your full potential. While working at the Aspen School District our entire staff read this book and took the survey. Then we spent a year collaborating in small teams, it was so fun and empowering.

So I highly recommend the Gallup online assessment StrengthsFinder 2.0 for each of you!

1. To take the assessment you need to purchase an access code.


2. Have Your Code?

Login here to take the online assessment. Be sure you’ll have 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete it. After you complete the assessment you will receive your report.


3. Your Strengths

Take a look at our Moms for Moms Communities Strengths Chart.


A. Compare which moms share the same strengths as you. Jot down their names. What kind of idea or project could you collaborate on with them?

B. You most likely have a strength that is unique, or under represented, in the group as well. In what ways could you offer your expertise to the other owners?

Team Strengths Grid_MFMC_2014_fit


Action Step 2.

Mompreners are joining forces to support one another in their endeavors. Search online for women/mom/social entrepreneur groups and websites to connect with.

linked inLinkedIn 

Click the Groups Tab –> Groups You May Like OR Groups Directory.

Check out these that I and other Community Owners have found helpful:




Facebook as numerous national and local Groups as well you can search for.

Start here at Groups for Mom Entrepreneurs and see what you like or stumble across…


Action Step 3.

There are federal and state resources available to you as a women with a small business!

Research local chapters of your Chamber of Commerce, Networking Groups and the Small Business Administration (SBA). From their homepage type in your zip code under local search. Call your local office and set up a (free) consultation – you can receive free services and be referred to local professionals for free or discounted rates for anything from financial services to social media consulting!

Inspiration & Learning:

Read through articles in Entrepreneur Magazine’s online Mompreneur Center.

Ah-ha Moment?

Comment below to share your Top 5 Strengths with us if you completed the survey and share links to groups or pages you joined.


Next Step

Congratulations on joining the ranks of Mompreneurs! Next up is Savvy Social Media Maven: Foundations Lesson 7


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  1. MelissaUtley

    1. Learner
    2. Analytical
    3. Achiever
    4. Harmony
    5. Relator

  2. TracyHolcombe

    1 Input
    2 Harmony
    3 Learner
    4 Developer
    5 Empathy

    Janine Reply:

    Awesome Tracy, I will add your Strengths to our group chart!

    I see now that Input is also your #1 Strength, isn’t it fun to understand what makes us tick and why we are really good at certain types of tasks! I hope that the Academy provides you the Input you seek, and gives you a spring board of where to find more juicy info 🙂

    Harmony will serve you well when a potentially negative comment is made on the site. You can help guide them toward common ground that our site supports all views and gives all moms a voice, but that we need to uphold our integrity of kindness and respect without harm.

    Learner! What a perfect new role you have found for yourself here at CMM. I have learned tremendous amounts about myself, how to run successful online communities, how to build relationships and generate revenue, how to read Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, the basic language of html, how to write persuasively, every day I have learned something new – you are very well suited for this role!

    I can also see you using Developer in seeing all the potential of CMM and what 800+ moms can accomplish. Perhaps you see the potential of the site when a member seeks help, or read as another mother support others. You can also ask members for ideas on how they best like to use the site through a survey for example.

    And wow, Empathy is PERFECT for fostering an online community with so many different voices! Quote from the Empathy description is spot on here: “Build trust with others by letting them know that you know how they are feeling.” This is exactly how you will encourage sharing wisdom on the site. Love it!

  3. IaFaraoni

    1 Communication
    2 Maximizer
    3 Woo
    4 Positivity
    5 Includer

    Janine Reply:

    Did you enjoy the Strengths Finder survey? Are you surprised by your answers?

    Woo is exactly what you need to show the world how awesome your online community is to members and advertisers – this will be a breeze for you with the Woo strength. And Communication is critical for your Chat-Worthy blasts and using your site to get out info and talking with people in the community 🙂 Your members will feel your Includer strength and you’ll give them the safety and support you are hoping for.

    I’ll add your Strengths to our list – thanks!

    IaFaraoni Reply:

    Thanx Janine… I did enjoy to very much and it was exciting when they showed the results :)…

  4. AndreaOwens

    I did not get a survey log in but I can add after having the site for almost 5 months, I have met people who have introduced me to business groups. I am a member of Polka Dot, may join Biz to Biz. These are both nationwide and are for women business owners.

    Janine Reply:

    Andrea, Joining business groups is a great way to be inspired and learn. Montana has a very strong entrepreneurial community, and offers lots of support for women specifically. Here’s two examples:

    To take the Strengths Finder survey you need to purchase an access code, each Community Owner does that independently. See the directions in this Lesson.

    The cheapest way to do it is $9.99 to take the survey and you get only your top 5.

    If you purchase the book on Amazon for $15 a unqiue code to the survey is in the back of the book. This way you’ll get your report of all 34 Strengths with detailed explainations.

    Reply back with your Strengths if you take the survey!

  5. AimeeRoseborrough

    1. input
    2. Learner
    3. Woo
    4. Communication
    5. Responsibility

    Janine Reply:

    Thanks for sharing your strengths. I just updated our Team chart! Your top 4 are shared by many of us, looks like you fit right in 🙂

  6. Sandy Raley

    1 Empathy

    2 Woo

    3 Futuristic

    4 Communication

    5 Developer

    Janine Reply:

    Awesome Sandy, so glad you completed this exercise. I really enjoyed it.

    At least 6 other Owners have Empathy! I think its the common thread we share to want to create a place for moms to connect.

    Woo gives you fantastic ability to talk about how awesome and valuable KMM is for moms and advertising partners alike! Great sales people have Woo!

    You and I share Futuristic – this strength supports you to believe in your vision of the future of your site!

    Four moms have Communication – its so valuable running a MFM site! Use your strength to reply to moms in the Forum, share what your site is all about on FB to bring new members over, and build strong relationships and partnerships with organizations/businesses in Grand Valley.

    As a Developer you see the potential in your mom members and want to help them be their best – how cool!

  7. SiennaSolberg

    I am…
    1 Futuristic
    2 Input
    3 Empathy
    4 Developer
    5 Belief

    Janine Reply:

    So cool Sienna!! How did you like this Strengths exercise? Are you surprised or reaffirmed?

    You and I both have Futuristic as our #1! No other current owners have it in their top 5.
    Sarah, Rachel and Leanne share Input with you.
    Empathy is our teams most common strength.
    Sarah and Kelly share Developer with you.
    You and Niki share Belief.