Module 1: Foundations
Savvy Social Media Maven

scomediaWhen asked, “What do you do?” you can officially answer “an online community manager!”

Your Moms for Moms online community is your passion & business; and Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google +, (and the ones that haven’t been invented yet) are your marketing strategy. The more you engage the outside world, the larger your brand will grow.

You want your Moms for Moms site to be a household name in your community.


Branded Accounts

As per the license agreement, you will brand all your Moms for Moms Communities’ social media accounts including your domain, email, online community website, Facebook Page, Twitter handle, Pinterest account, and YouTube Channel to name a few.  In the future, should you want to sell your Moms for Moms license, these branded social media accounts associated with the site will move on with the package.

Personal Accounts

LinkedIn, Google + and your personal Facebook profile are three examples of accounts that are tied directly to your personal identity. These accounts of course stay with you.

Action Step 1.

Familiarize yourself with all the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and YouTube.  If you are new to any of them, just Google it and you can read up on blog posts and articles to give you some background, then visit their website to learn more.

The best way to learn these platforms is to just jump and post! Don’t be afraid. Find someone on the different platforms to Like, Follow, Add to Circles or Watch a Channel, and then simply study their posts and copy what they do!

Action Step 1.2

As a Community Owner you have a new job title!  Update your profiles across your social media accounts to include your title “Owner, XX Moms for Moms”, your Moms for Moms website, and any other info you choose! Its important to do this now so users see consistency.

Action Step 2. Facebook

Facebook_iconLet’s get you ready for your Facebook Page!

Its all about your audience and how to speak to them in an engaging and relevant manner. To put you in the right mindset for using Facebook study this Moms for Moms tutorial  “Finding Your Voice on Facebook.”


I like this clear and straightforward article on “10 Ways to Write the Most Effective Facebook Posts.”

Another fun article I enjoyed is How to Find Your Authentic Voice on Social Media. These tips will help beyond just Facebook with any social media outlet you use.

Lastly, our very own Juliet, Community Owner of Rogue Valley Moms for Moms, wrote a blog post about “Basics for professional Facebook Pages and using the dashboard HootSuite.” Thanks Juliet!

When you comment below that you have completed this Lesson I will assign you as an admin to your MfM Facebook Page – so exciting!! If you are taking over an existing site, please ask your Outgoing Owner to assign you and comment below that this has been completed.

Action Step 2. Twitter

TwitterIconInstead of reinventing the wheel on how to use Twitter, I found this very clear and helpful tutorial on Twitter’s website with screen shots of actual tweets.

Check it out! Twitter 101

Comment when you are ready for your Moms for Moms Twitter account info!

Inspiration and Learning

Does your area have a Community College?

  • With technology evolving so quickly all the time,  being a lifelong learner is crucial to your success as a community owner. Check out what classes, workshops or conferences are being offered near you. Any topics around Branding, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Online Community Management, even blog writing and graphic design would be really relevant!

At Moms for Moms Communities, we use social media primarily for “inbound marketing” to reach more members to click through to join and engage on our sites. Secondly we use social media to add more value to our advertisers through cross-promotional posts, links and shares.


Ah-ha Moment?

How can you imagine using social media and inbound marketing so that the moms searching the Internet in your niche stumble upon your posts, click your link and join your site? This is a BIG topic and is easily learned “on the job”. Share your ideas, learn from others and ask your questions below in the comments.

And be sure to comment that you completed the Facebook and Twitter tutorials and I’ll assign you as the admin to your account!

Next Step

I hope you are feeling as inspired and excited as I am! Only one more Lesson to go in Module 1: Market Research! This is a fun one 🙂



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  1. MelissaUtley

    Andrea has shared some of her tips to posting on Facebook with me. I have requested to be added as an admin to Facebook and any other social media sites Andrea is currently using. I believe it is primarily Facebook at this time–which as per our conversation last night is the main one.

  2. LauraMeyer

    I love social media as it is such an easy way to connect with your audience and engage with potential partners. I imagine that I will be using social media daily to reach out to BMFM and keep the moms informed.

    I have completed this and I am already an active admin on the BMFM Facebook page. I have also created a BMFM Instagram account and I look forward to working on the Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube sites.

    Janine Reply:

    Awesome Laura! Feeling comfortable and excited about social media is key to being succesful!

    Kelly confirmed with me that she added you as an Admin on the BMFM FB Page. Please confirm with me that you are good to go on this step.

    I will now email you the Twitter login info. Kelly never used Twitter so I set it up for you to get you started. Have fun with it!

    Twitter will be a great tool to collaborate with advertisers, where as FB will drive traffic to your site along with being a great tool to collaborate with partners.

    LOVE your Instagram account and #! Nice work 🙂 Seize the opportunity to direct moms back to your site to find out all the info on an event, you want those eye balls. Showing your Instagram page to potential advertisers will be an awesome sell too!

    Pinterest is still uncharted territory for MFMC sites as it has become popular after most of our sites first launched. I have a Moms for Moms Communities Pinterest profile that you can follow, although I haven’t done much with it in the last year. Can’t wait to see what you do!

    YouTube has been underused as well, but videos from favorite places around town, and mini interviews with advertisers are some fun ideas…

    Looking forward to following you across the platforms! Janine

  3. VirginiaEdelson

    I have completed this. Aspen is not a “twitter heavy” community. I do not plan to actively use twitter unless something changes in the area. I am happy to link FB to our twitter account if you would like?

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Virginia,
    Glad to hear you are good to go with the Facebook and Twitter accounts. I love the articles you are posting on the AMM Page, its giving the page a breath of fresh air!

    The AMM Facebook Page is already linked to repost to Twitter to simply give it a feed of info. You are welcome to unlink it in the future if you want to manage posting to the 2 accounts separately. You’re right, Twitter isn’t heavily used in the RFV, but I have noticed more activity in recent months with more people and organizations starting to follow our MFM Twitter accounts. Its just another way to spread the word of AMM and gain new members.

  4. TracyHolcombe

    I completed the Twitter and Facebook tutorials.

    Janine Reply:

    Great job Tracy! The social media side of CMM is so fun and a powerful tool you’ll have at your fingertips.
    I have assigned you as the Admin of the CMM Facebook Page. You should now have all posting and insights – have fun!
    Here is the Twitter account: I will email you the login info separately.
    One big tip for Twitter… once you are logged in… find people to follow, and when you do, immediately write them a personal tweet using their @ name and #carbondalemoms – it will do wonders!

  5. IaFaraoni

    I completed the Facebook and twitter tutorials :)…

    Janine Reply:

    Next Step: Please ask Rachel to assign you as an Admin to the Aspen Moms for Moms Facebook Page. I want you to start practicing what you learned in these social media tutorials in real life.
    Talk to Rachel about what FB posts need to be made this week and ask to write them together.

    Janine Reply:

    Ia, also ask Rachel to give you the Twitter login info. This will be covered again during the Transfer module between you and Rachel if she needs help 🙂

    IaFaraoni Reply:

    Janine, Rachel made me as Admin on FB Page this morning and I was able to share a Moms For Moms event in the page with the link

  6. AndreaOwens

    KM4M FB was already set up but I use it often. It is much more popular that the actual KM4M site which I find difficult at times. I try to encourage them to go to the site and always put the link in my message. I did learn in this step that asking a question as if asking a friend works best.

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Andrea,

    Great insight on the “voice” you want to use in your Facebook posts. Its so important to be conscious of what you are posting and exactly how you are typing it, so you imagine your audience reading it the way you want them to (in many cases like a friend!)

    You mention your frustration at the engagement you see and feel on your FB page versus on your site. I just scrolled down through your FB page to get a feel for what you are posting and how your members are reacting to it. I have a few ideas for how to word posts so that the replies happen on your site instead of on FB. This is a challenge each Community Owner faces. It is actually the #1 reason I held back on launching FB Pages for each MFM site. The first 9 MFM sites didn’t open FB Pages until 2-3 years after opening! We didn’t want the activity to happen on FB instead of our sites.

    I would like to collect examples from all the current MFM FB Pages so everyone can learn from each other. I will put that together this week and make it available on the Forum next week. In the meantime each time you make a post remember:
    * Only write it as a teaser, don’t give away all the information!
    * Make them click through to the Forum post, a Blog post, or Event post on your site to get everything they need
    *Ask them to reply on your site

    More coming soon…

  7. Sandy Raley

    I just had a memeber post a comment the other day on my site that she only uses FB and asked the other memebers to contact her through FB which made me realize that there must be tons of more moms like her out there. This made me realize I will need to focus on being very active on our GVFB page so I can reach out to moms like her too. I will use FB and twitter to high light what is happening on GVMFM website so I can keep everyone more involved.

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Sandy,
    That is exactly right! Coming up there is a tutorial called “Finding Your Voice on Facebook” that provides guidelines on how to use your page to bring members clicking on your actual site. Everything should direct back to your site for the full story or information, like a teaser. Then that mom has to click through and login into GVMFM 🙂
    We use FB to reach a wider audience and b/c everyone is on FB is helps spread the word about your site, but you need to use it wisely and with strategy so you don’t have members who are only on FB.
    Great insight!

  8. Sandy Raley

    I just had a memeber post a comment the other day on my site that she only uses FB and asked the other memebers to contact her through FB which made me realize that there must be tons of more moms like her out there. This made me realize I will need to focus on be very active on our GVFB page so I can reach out to moms like her too.

  9. SiennaSolberg

    Hi Janine,

    I’ve received some “confirm your twitter account” emails, but haven’t looked at them until I was ready. Nervous for twitter (it’s so mod), but think I’m ready! Do you want me to confirm via email, or do you do something on your end?

    Thanks, Sienna

    Janine Reply:

    Can you please confirm the twitter account. I am setting it up on my end. You don’t need to do anything with Twitter for a long time. Your FB posts will automatically be posted on your Twitter account, so don’t worry about it until you want to.

  10. SiennaSolberg

    I have a question…
    Do you think it is best to wait to invite friends and direct people to Facebook page BEFORE I have a squeeze page, or AFTER? Thanks!

    Janine Reply:

    Go for it now! There is no harm in getting friends to like your FB Page. Your posts on the FB page right now can be about your Values, what you are excited for, how you want the mom members to feel on your site, any fun/silly/local mom related material. Your squeeze page is almost complete, we are just waiting for your photos and bios that come in Mod 2. Once its live we will notify you and then you can start adding your url to sign up with your FB posts.