Module 1: Foundations
The Moms for Moms Culture

Comparing apples to orangesMoms for Moms Communities is defined by our Culture which evolved from our Core Values.

Our culture is what differentiates Moms for Moms from other brands of social networks, and why our members love us! Explore the meaning of culture and familiarize yourself with the Moms for Moms Communities Core Values, which are the key to creating an engaged community.


Action Step 1.

Brainstorm a list of feelings you want your new members to feel when they first join your site. *If you have been a member of a Moms for Moms site, describe the feelings you had when you first joined. Write down your ideas.

Action Step 2.

Most likely you are a member of another social network or online community (i.e. Facebook, Mothering, Meet-Up, etc.) Write down how you feel included or excluded. Does the vibe keep you coming back, and if not, what bothers you? Write your thoughts down.

Action Step 3.

Think about past jobs in the workplace. Write down aspects of your company culture that you appreciated or disliked. Can you imagine these transferring to your community site?

Action Step 4.

Read through our Core Values and say each one out loud (don’t be shy!) You will be using these phrases in your everyday interaction with members, your larger community and partners.


The Moms for Moms Communities Core Values

Build a stronger community by engaging mothers.

Provide a gift for the motherhood journey through connection, information, support and inspiration.

It takes an e-village to raise a child.

Support local and mother-owned businesses.

Collaborate, cross promote and build partnerships.

Provide a local community resource open to all mothers.

Share collective wisdom.

Support causes through calls to action and volunteer opportunities.

Cure from isolation.

Cultivate friendships.

Inspiration & Learning

“Company Culture” is a buzz word these days, and for good reason. It truly defines how members of any group relate to, and feel a part of, the larger whole. A positive culture retains people, a negative one send them away unhappy. No one made this idea more famous than Tony Hsieh of in his book Delivering Happiness. This book is written for the traditional workplace, but you can gain many take-aways for yourself, the members of your online community, and our Moms for Moms Communities brand.


Ah-ha Moment?

In the comments share which core value(s) you connect with most. Do you feel you can stand behind these values and promote them on your community site? Please elaborate!

Next Steps

Congratulations on completing Lesson 4 – you’ve made it half way through Foundations! Your next lesson is Building an Engaged Online Community: Foundations Lesson 5

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  1. MelissaUtley

    It is hard to pick which core values I connect with the most. I think I connect with all of them in some way. I would like to elaborate on:

    Provide a gift for the motherhood journey through connection, information, support and inspiration
    Support causes through calls to action and volunteer opportunities

    I believe the KMfM website is and can continue to be a tremendous resource for local moms. I want local moms to find what they need that day through the KMfM website. Whether it be support and guidance when they are having a tough time with their kiddo or are simply looking for something to do that day to get out of the house.

    The following is twist on volunteer opportunities: I have thought about potential ways the KMfM community can support and help meet needs of other moms when needed. For example, a new mom moves into town and is due to deliver her 2nd child in a couple weeks. How could we provide her with meals or give her the support she would receive back home from her family and close friends? Or how about the mom of 4 whose husband was recently in an accident. Typically she works evenings but now her husband is unable to care for the children. Could we come together and help her with childcare? This may not be possible and/or work out well in in the real world. But they are things I have thought about.

    We live in a culture where we are spread out and no longer live near family.

  2. LauraMcElyea

    I connect the most with the following values:
    It takes an e-village to raise a family
    Support local and mother-owned businesses
    Collaborate, cross promote and build partnerships.
    Cultivate friendships

    The hardest part about moving to Colorado was that we had to leave our very large support system back in Texas. I was on my own with a young baby but it only took a few weeks for me to meet my first few friends in Basalt. Play dates, baby sitting swaps and group outings with other moms in the neighborhood kept me sane. I was surprised at the amount of support that I received from other mothers in Basalt. I am so grateful to all the women who helped me through the transition and it has always been my goal to be as supportive and welcoming to new moms in the area.
    BMFM is the perfect platform to help make it easy for new moms and new to the area moms make those important connections.

    Janine Reply:

    Laura, your story of moving from TX to Basalt is very validating, and one all mothers new to motherhood and new to the area will relate to. Your description of how you felt welcomed and supported shows how amazing and strong the Basalt mom community is. Your online community is a direct extension of this! Use the site to further your goals to “be as supportive and welcoming to (new/old/all) moms in the area.”
    Your natural tendency to connect people and your social personality is perfect for collaborating, cross-promoting and building partnerships – this is where you and I share a lot! I had so much fun meeting everyone I could in the community and coming from a place of “how can we help each other?”
    Always keep your top core values in mind with every decision you make with BMFM and you will shine!

  3. VirginiaEdelson

    The following core values resonate with me the most:
    Build a stronger community by engaging mothers.
    Share collective wisdom
    Provide a gift for the motherhood journey through connection, information, support and inspiration.
    Cultivate friendships.

    Social networking sites to me are about building a community and being a resource whether the site is a place to meet new people, catch up with old friends, learn something new, be provided with more information about the shared interest.

    Janine Reply:

    To your point of social networks as places to meet new poeple and connect with friends, what makes MFM sites so unique is that those relationships may start online, but then carry over to in-person relationships. This builds trust on the site and allows members to share authentically. Its a recipe for online community success!

  4. TracyHolcombe

    Provide a gift for the motherhood journey through connection, information, support and inspiration.

    I really think you nailed it with these four words: Connection, Information, Support, and Inspiration. As I’ve been working through this foundation module I find myself want to use these four words over and over. They are the core of what I believe this website has to offer. They are central to what I want to continue to build here in Carbondale.

    Support local and mother-owned businesses.

    I’m a fan of supporting local and I’m thrilled to be part of a community of people who are interested in putting themselves out there as small business owners and opening their shops and providing their services here. I look forward to forming relationships with these local and mother owned businesses.

    Share collective wisdom.

    I would love to see more of this on the site. I think it is hard to put yourself out there in such a personal way when you are going through challenging situations and I find it so helpful to remember that we have all been there. I will be thinking more about how to promote this type of conversation.

    Janine Reply:

    Tracy I love that you connect with the 4 words of our tagline: connect, inform, support and inspire. I put a lot of thought into formulating them before CMM launched, what the words meant and stood for. And I can honestly say they continue to ring true today and are the basis of everything we do at MFMC. I think mothers truly identify with them.

    Supporting local has always been a pillar of CMM, and there are so many more mother owned ventures out there that the site could be supporting and connected with. Look into the new Support Local Libraries campaign Garfield Co Public Libraries is running, they have stickers all around town… could be something fun to create for CMM.

    Sharing authentically opens so many doors. If social media has taught us anything, its is that real and meaningful relationship are born from honesty and truth. As the new Community Owner you will practice what you preach here, as you begin to share your humble wisdom and experiences with the members, they will follow suit and feel comfortable to do the same! Lead by example and you’ll be amazed at the response.

  5. IaFaraoni

    The core values that connect with me the most are:

    Build a stronger community by engaging mothers.

    Provide a gift for the motherhood journey through connection, information, support and inspiration.

    Support local and mother-owned businesses.

    Cure from isolation.

    Cultivate friendships.

    I would like to get Mothers to be actively involve in AMFM Community, to post questions, to post events, etc., or even just to post a playdate like if one mom is going to a park and announce that any mom that wants to join are welcome…

    I’d also like to start an event that will supPort local small Mom business… Some Moms may have a small home based business like baking that doesn’t get much chance to get tried on like the big established business, so for example a tea party for Moms, then Moms that have their local business can bring samples for everybody to try while having tea and give out their business cards… It’s another way to make those Moms feel supPorted and recognized, and at the same time to have fun and make new friends.. Or another example is a AMfM Holiday Expo, Moms can be a vendor to sell their crafts and local businesses for the holidays…

    I’d also like for Moms to not feel isolated and cultivate friendship… For example, for Moms that just moved in the area, doesn’t like the outdoors but thinks that that’s the only activities we have, I wanna show them that there are different kinds of fun things to do other than outdoors activities :)…

    Janine Reply:

    Glad you connect and stand behind so many of our core values Ia.

    The Holiday Market is a popular idea, we tried one for the whole RFV a few years back but it was not well enough attended so mom business owners said it wasn’t worth their time. BUT if you could be part of a larger, already established Holiday Market in town and add your AMM Business Owners to the event, that would be worth while!

    I love your idea for moms who live here but don’t enjoy outdoor sports. Connect those moms would be wonderful for them.

    The most effective way to get your members replying and posting is for you to reply to everything and post your own topics and ask for advise. You’ll learn about how to get this going in the upcoming Forum Lesson.

  6. Sandy Raley

    Build a strong community by engaging mothers.

    Provide a local community resource open to all mothers.

    Janine Reply:

    Sandy, you can add “a local community resource open to all mothers” in the “Welcome” Text Box on the homepage, in the network description (little text box on your main page top left) and edit your Welcome Message to new members to include it. It would be wonderful to include front and center!

  7. AndreaOwens

    The core values listed above that resonate with me the most are..

    – Build a stronger community by engaging mothers.
    – Provide a local community resource open to all mothers.
    – Cultivate friendships.
    – Support causes through calls to action and volunteer opportunities

    I am very excited about the opportunities there are as an owner of M4M. I would like to engage mothers to post and talk on the boards. Ask questions, plan events. This will lead into friendships.
    I love to volunteer in my community and I hope to add this into my M4M. I may start a volunteer group/board and do a project each year. The options are endless.

    Janine Reply:

    Andrea, you are inspiring me! I love your volunteer Forum thread idea, what a great way to let moms know about opportunities to lend a hand and show support.

    The best way to get moms to reply on the Forum is to start commenting yourself. When moms feel like members are reading their post they will post more, if moms see you replying on posts they will reply too.
    A pregnant mom posts that she will be needing childcare in a few months when she returns to work.
    Reply: Congratulations, here is the link to our current group “Due Date Club Fall 2014-Winter 2015” so you can connect with other mothers expecting soon, and to help find childcare you can post in our Childcare Exchange Group as well. I can highlight your post in our next Chat-Worthy e-blast too! Thanks for posting.
    As the Community Owner you can post suggestions and encouragement, or you can reply as yourself if you have something to add 🙂 Have fun!

  8. SiennaSolberg

    I love all of these values. Reading these makes me inspired, and reignites my excitement and enthusiasm for being a part of Moms for Moms. These are the reasons I decided to become a MfMs owner, and are the reasons I know MfMs will be a beautiful, helpful resource for Missoula.

    ..Provide a gift for the motherhood journey through connection, information, support and inspiration.
    ..Cure from isolation.
    ..Support local and mother-owned businesses.
    ..Share collective wisdom.

    Janine Reply:

    Wonderful to hear Sienna! When you have a hard day, come back and read the core values. Your shoulders will relax and you’ll remember your mission.

    These values will also speak to each of your mom members and give them a sense of belonging in your site. Sharing these in your e-blasts, FB posts, perhaps in your Welcome Message, or on your homepage will help moms connect with you and MMM.

    Share your story behind why these values spoke to you.

  9. LauraLawyer

    Provide a local community resource open to all mothers.

    Share collective wisdom.

    Support causes through calls to action and volunteer opportunities

    I stand by all the core values and look forward to getting out in the community and spreading the word

    Janine Reply:

    Laura, use those core values as you speak with moms and clients in the community. People want to relate to what you stand for. This will set you apart from other sites or groups that off overlapping services.