Module 2: Set Up

ready set goYou have joined the slim 3% of people who have an idea, take the 1st action, and then actually take steps to turn the idea into a reality. 

Module 1 introduced the big picture of Moms for Moms Communities. With your Foundation training in place, in Module 2 you will “dig in and get your hands dirty!”


In Module 2 you will:

  • Customize your identity package
  • Kick off your “PR” with pre-launch marketing
  • Set up business tools

Start Module 2 by watching the Set Up Intro video above. And I want to stress again how crucial it is to complete each lesson before moving on to the next one, as each lesson builds upon the last.


Customizing your online and personal identity package.

Build up hype and get moms talking!

Tools that make you better, faster, and more functional for your new online business lifestyle!

Congratulations - let's review what've learned.

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  1. Amber Ashby

    Not sure why but fler for Geelong has Rogue Valley written on it? Can you please fix this too?

    Janine Reply: