Module 2: Set Up
Conclusion: Module 2

Congratulations on completing Module 2: Set Up, only 1 more module before Launch Day!

Module 2 built upon Foundations to get your initial business up and running. You were provided with numerous hands-on marketing and business tools that you will circle back around to time and again.


Module 2: Set Up Recap

  • You’ve written your personal and community bios
  • Personalized your branded Identity Package and ordered your business cards and banner
  • Launched a variety of PR campaigns
  • Set up tools to help you run your life and online business better, faster and more functionally

Ah-ha Moment?

What took me over 2 years and nine sites to compile you just learned in a few weeks! None of the first six sites to launch had a Press Release, none of the first nine sites had a Splash Page to build their list, and none the current community owners had Highrise, and we’ve all become successful.

I would truly appreciate some feedback on how this Module ran for you so I can improve upon if for the next Academy Class.

Please give me your feedback on Module 2: Set Up in the Comments.

Next Step:

Module 3: Your Site will be released to you  14 days after your Academy start date.

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll accomplish:

  • Customize your My Page and each page of your community site
  • Populate your Events calendar
  • Start a few teaser Forum discussions
  • Create Groups you think will be relevant to your community
  • Post a few items to sell in the Marketplace
  • Start your Shop Mom directory
  • Link your social media accounts
  • Invite a few moms to test the site
  • Practice welcoming your new members
  • Import your “List”

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  1. LauraMeyer

    Thanks so much! This module was very informative and I appreciate all of the tools you have suggested. It will be a great reference for me as I grow the site and work to bring more business and traffic to the BMFM community. 🙂 I have had great feedback from the community and I feel very positive about getting started!

  2. VirginiaEdelson

    Thanks! I think this module is helpful and would encourage those who need it/and those who don’t to look at their systems for management as well as to think about their marketing.

  3. TracyHolcombe

    My feedback for this module may be a product of my own self imposed urgency. You should know that I appreciate hearing that none of the early sites had the advantage of the programs that you have presented in the business tools lesson. That is good for me because I know that it will take me some time to learn all of those new programs, they are all new for me. And it is intimidating to see how much there is to learn. That lesson felt like a lot all at once. I’m sure I can handle it, I just wanted you to know it feels like a lot to do/learn.

  4. IaFaraoni

    This module got me more excited :)… I am just waiting for my email address so I can order a business card and change the contact information in the flyer… I am also waiting to figure out when will be my exact new ownership launch in the site so I can send Transfer of site ownership press release, and I will most likely will need help for some information in editing the Transfer-Of-Site-PR.doc :)… Thanx Janine for doing such a great job in putting this academy together…

    Janine Reply:

    Thanks for the feedback Ia, glad you are getting excited for Transfer Day! You and Rachel will pick a day to work together on the Transfer of Ownership Module.
    You have done an amazing job in the Academy so far, I can see how hard you are working and going through each detail, you will be well prepared as the new Owner!
    Thank you!

  5. AndreaOwens

    Most of this was done already. I went through this module very quickly. Most 2nd owners will get this done quickly

  6. Sandy Raley

    waiting for business card format and then I will order cards. I will also send out a PSA once I have the sight up and going on my own. I will send out a “new ownership” PSA to the local papers and newscast channels.

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Sandy,
    Just updated your business card and saved them into your “Grand Valley” folder here in Documents and Files. I also updated the flyer for your community with your contact info.