Module 2: Set Up
Part II. Pre-Launch Marketing

spread the wordBuild up the hype and get moms talking!

Your #1 goal during this pre-launch marketing phase is to spread the word about the upcoming launch of your site so membership hits the ground running.

This lesson provides you with a number of very powerful tools to make this happen.

Action Step 1.

Flyering. I have created a branded flyer for your community. Visit the Community Files page here –> navigate to your community folder, it will be inside.

Depending on the size of your community, print as many as you can afford right now (50-100) and buy a box of push pins. Take a walk/drive around town and pin up your flyer in all the places you think moms will see it. Grocery stores, libraries, yoga studios, natural food stores, breakfast spots, coffee shops, community bulletin boards, children’s clothing stores, salons, rec/community centers, spas, banks, book stores, consignment shops, gyms, and hospital birthing centers.

When walking into another business introduce yourself with a friendly smile and say, “I am launching a new free community website for mothers, may I post my flyer in your window?” *If you have your business cards already leave one behind for the manager! Or you can always stop in again later to check on your flyer and leave a card then. It is very likely that they may end up advertising with you later, its important to make a positive first impression.

Action Step 2.

Start building your list. Your Moms for Moms’s url is currently directed to a live “Squeeze Page” that announces your site is Coming Soon!  Anyone who visits the page is encouraged to register their name and email address to be kept in the loop and invited to the site on Launch Day. You will receive an email notification each time a new member registers on your Splash Page.

*I created an Excel spreadsheet for you to save the names and email addresses as they come in. Download it here from the Community Files –> Marketing Folder. On launch day you can import the emails into your site and send official branded email invitations to each of them! How’s that for a jump start!

Action Step 3. Social Media Start-Up

Facebook. During this pre-launch period post fun and informative updates to your Page. A posting goal would be at least 1 a day. (Sit down for 30 minutes and schedule them for a whole week!) Here are some ideas:

  • Launch countdown
  • your logo
  • your flyer
  • mini video interviews you take of moms around town, or of yourself!
  • mom quotes
  • mom/kid images
  • photos of your community

Have fun with it and get as creative as you want to. Then when launch day comes these fans are ready and excited to join. Throughout all the fun ones, include the following posts to make your new Likes aware of joining your social network and that its much more than a Facebook page. Here are a few sample posts. Just copy and paste them, and always put in your url as a link!

You want to drive them to your Squeeze Page to register their email address!

  • is launching soon! Register now to be the first moms to know when we go live on our new hyper-local social network for the moms of Bellingham!
  • Welcome new Likes to the Facebook page of, come join as a member on our real site where all the action will happen!
  • Mom, Bellingham Moms for Moms is so much more than a Facebook page. We are a hyper-local social network for moms to connect. We invite you to join us at!
  • Facebook is in no way a substitute for all we can do on our site, just another great way to get the word out about our growing network of local moms. Become a member at

“Like” the other Moms for Moms Facebook Pages and “Add as a Favorite” to yours. 

As of now there are 18 and they are all name similarly. Use the search bar in Facebook and type in … xx Moms for Moms. Look for:

Moms for Moms Communities

Grand Valley

San Juan

Special Needs
Rogue Valley
Myrtle Beach


In addition to “Liking” each page, please add each page as a “Favorite” to your own. This way others will see they are all connected and be able to share with their friends in those communities!

*There will be a more indepth facebook tutorial later during Module 4: Launch.

Twitter. I have also created a branded Twitter account for you. Our community owners come to the Academy with different levels of experience, so if you don’t have Tweeting experience you get to learn something new! For now you just start out become familiar with your account.

Action Step 4.

Press Release. I have a professional Moms for Moms press release written for the launch of a new site. Download the press release from the Community Files –> Marketing –> Press Release Folder. All you need to do is update the following:

  • community name
  • url – Be sure to double check all the urls after you save your press release, you don’t want to send them to the wrong site by accident!
  • your name and email
  • launch date
  • Save as a Word file, and as a .pdf – Its more professional to send out the .pdf!

Email your press release out to as many media outlets that you can think of in your area. Radio, TV, newspaper, magazines and local blogs. Simply go the organization’s website and look up the email address for news stories. Always follow up with a phone call or email to the editor to “confirm you received my press release announcing my launch of xx Moms for Moms. May I answer any questions for you?” If you don’t follow up its likely they won’t include it.

Action Step 5.

PSAs. Public service announcements are the short versions of press releases. Download samples here from the Community Files –> Marketing –> Media Copy folder. Update your community name and contact info. Submit these to all the radio, TV and newspaper websites.

Action Step 6.

Announcement to Your Friends and Local Contacts. Formulate an email to this group announcing the launch of your Moms for Moms site. Tell them how excited your are and use a sentence from your Why here. Ask them for their support by forwarding your email on to other moms they know and spreading the word through conversations. Besides moral support, make it clear that the biggest way they can help you is direct moms to your url (the Squeeze Page where they can leave their email address!)

This is easy if you’ve lived in an area for a long time. If you’ve recently moved, no worries! Type up a list of all the local friends and contacts you have so far from your children’s teachers to your hair stylist.

Add all the mom emails you know to your “List” spreadsheet to invite later.

Ah-ha Moment?

Share your pre-launch Marketing experiences in the Comments.

Next Step:

Business Tools



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  1. MelissaUtley

    Even though the Kalispell Moms for Moms website has been launched and up and running for a few years now, I still think there is room for growth. Currently most moms find out about KMfM by word of mouth. I think posting flyers around town, sending out a press release announcing a new owner, and distributing business cards and flyers at an upcoming holiday event (the event advertises with KMfM and offers a free table to KMfM) will help spread the word.

  2. LauraMeyer

    I have been reaching out and actively connecting with Basalt businesses and Basalt moms to generate a good stir of traffic. 🙂

    Janine Reply:

    That’s awesome! One of my favorite things was walking around town and chatting with all the businesses I walked into and running into people at the coffee shops.

    The Basalt Chamber, Sopris Sun, Post Independent, Aspen Times, Aspen Daily News, and radio stations could run an announcement of your change of ownership. You can use the professionally written Press Release I link to in this lesson and simply update with your info and quotes!

  3. VirginiaEdelson

    Hey Janine – I am reaching out and sharing the news to my personal contacts but much of this applies to a new community vs a purchase of an existing one. With that said, making people aware of change of ownership is a great time to remind the community that Aspen Moms for Moms is a great resource:)

  4. TracyHolcombe

    I know you had mentioned sending out a press release. Did you already work this up, or should I get after it? I like the idea of sending word out to all of my own contacts too. Adds a personal touch and could certainly attract a few additional members.

  5. IaFaraoni

    My other business was a vendor in a Holiday show today and I was able to meet Moms that lives in Aspen that will be members and also met a co-vendor that wants me to get in touch with her after the transfer for her to hold a Cooking Party event for Moms :)…

    Janine Reply:

    Great Ia, So always remember AMM is an “online community” – you have a powerful tool to promote businesses and grow awareness for others. The value you create for others should be paid for when you advertise for someone, like a Cooking Party. It can be trade if you choose for equal dollar value, for example the Spotlight Campaign to promote the Cooking Party is $100, and say the fee to participate in the Cooking Party is $25, she still owes you $75 in cash…. Putting together in person events is fun, and also a lot of WORK for you.

  6. IaFaraoni

    Please let me know what I can do from here… Rachel already put me as Admin in the site so I was able to tour how the site works… For now, I don’t have access to the Facebook account and twitter and also don’t have the email address to change the flyers so I can post it and when I get that email address, how do I edit the flyers? I tried doing it through above but it won’t let me edit… I have told family and Mom friends though about me taking over the site… Thanx janine and appreciate all your help…

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Ia, as Rachel phases herself out as the owner, and you officially take over, a “Transfer of Ownership” press release is the perfect opportunity to make this exciting announcement! Previous transfer moms have sent this out with positive results. I already have the template done for you, all of you have to do is update it with your name and community and edit the links to point to your site and email address. You can find it here:
    Email this out to all the news stations and radio stations and mom blogs etc around Aspen. New Owners make a great story, especially in time for the New Year!
    Please let me know what questions you have, and reply back that you found the press release,

    IaFaraoni Reply:


    I saw the old press release, I was wondering if u need me to change more information there? Like how many years you have the MfMC, and the community list stops at white fish, do u want me to add the new ones? Than :)…

    Janine Reply:

    And I will update the AMM flyer for you and save it into your Aspen Folder here in the Academy:
    You can’t edit it because it is saved as a .pdf file.

    IaFaraoni Reply:

    Okay sounds good, just let me know when the flyer is updated… Thank you very much :)…

  7. AndreaOwens

    All of this was done by Gretchen.

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Andrea,
    I am so glad you are going through each of these Lessons now and I can support you through them in more detail where it is appropriate to you as as transfer owner. It is equally as important to write a press release announcing your new ownership of KMFM as it was for Gretchen to announce the launch of a new site. Gretchen introduced Moms for Moms to Kalispell, and they became familiar with her name around the community, so now you need to introduce yourself to the greater community. It’s a perfect opportunity for some press coverage, a new Owner makes a great story!

    Each transfer mom before you has sent out a press release, and I have a template already created. All you have to do is fill in your name and community, I’ve made it that easy! Edit your copy of the press release here:
    **Double check all the links in the document point to your site and email address, you’ll need to right click on each link and edit the hyperlink** and then email it out to your local news and radio stations.

    And I remember a while back you asking on the Forum about how to talk about MFM and what to say, you’ll find phrases and descriptions in the same Marketing Folder under Media Copy &PSAs here :

    Please reply back here that you found the Transfer Press Release, and let me know what questions I can answer.

    Each of these Lessons apply to Transfer moms, just in a slightly different way, but they are just as valuable and important for your to understand too.

  8. Sandy Raley


    Do to me being the third owner I’m not sure what I need to do as far as PSA’s. I have already notified all my family and friends about me being the new owner and have asked my local friends to spread the word. I have already had 15 new members from just asking and hoping for a few more. Please let me know what you think I need to do more.

    Thank you!

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Sandy, as Lindsay phases herself out as the owner, and you officially take over, a “Transfer of Ownership” press release is the perfect opportunity to make this exciting announcement! Previous transfer moms have sent this out with positive results. I already have the template done for you, all of you have to do is update it with your name and community and edit the links to point to your site and email address. You can find it here:
    Email this out to all the news stations and radio stations and mom blogs etc around Grand Junction. New Owners make a great story!
    Please let me know what questions you have, and reply back that you found the press release,

    Sandy Raley Reply:

    Thank you! I plan on sending this press release in the first part of January! Thanks again!

  9. Amber Ashby

    And thanks Janine for getting my squeeze page up and running. Only one problem-on the right hand side it says join Missoula moms!

    Janine Reply:

    EEKK! Fixed it! Sorry.

    Amber Ashby Reply:

    Thanks Janine!

  10. Amber Ashby

    Thank you Sienna and Janine. Competitions are a great way to draw people to your site. Just beware that likes on facebook don’t aways transfer to member sign ups and ultimately thats what you want them to do it sign up. It might be worth doing a competition for members so that way they sign up first.

    I think I might be getting ahead of myself in a lot of this!

    I am working on content Janine you will be pleased to hear and trying not to think about the marketing too much at the moment.

    Also I am sorry if you answered this somewhere else, but I don’t have a flyer with the appropriate info. It says Rogue Valley on it.

    I am wanted to make an order on vista prints ASAP so any chance I can get a flyer with Geelong on it?

    Thanks! Getting excited!

    Janine Reply:

    “It might be worth doing a competition for members so that way they sign up first.” – Yes Amber, exactly right. With your squeeze page it is easy to track new sign-ups. I recommend a giveaway for those moms, not the ones who like or share FB.

    Janine Reply:

    EEK AGAIN – So sorry. Geelong flyer updated in your File Folder.

  11. SiennaSolberg


    A little nervous to submit PSA’s! Since the academy is taking me a while, should I wait until I get through a certain part of the modules, or wait until I get closer to launching the site before I send them out?



    Janine Reply:

    Yes, I would wait until you know your launch date. The launch date should be in the press release, and then send it out perhaps a week or so before. But you can update it now and have it ready to send 🙂

  12. SiennaSolberg

    Hi Amber,

    I’m no expert, but I wanted to answer some of your questions and give you my thoughts. I think I will have a contest on facebook, asking those people who have liked my facebook page to share my site and/or facebook page. Once they have shared, I will ask them to post one word that they think describes moms. From there, I will take their names and enter them into a drawing for a $20 gift certificate to their favorite LOCAL business.

    Take what you will, and please give me any feedback or suggestions off of this that you have. It sounds like you know your stuff!! 🙂


    Janine Reply:

    Sounds like a great idea Sienna. With your squeeze page now open you’ll want to post a ton about going to your site to register now to be notified on launch day. It is hard to convert FB Likes to members if you give them everything they are looking for on your FB Page.

    We use FB simply as a way to reach more moms in the community, a great way to “spread the word”, but it in no way replaces all your site can offer. So write everything in a teaser to click over to your main website.

    Trying out a contest is fun and good way to get across that your site is really where its happening. But don’t spend too much money or time on trying to convert, you are just interested in the engaged moms who want what you offer. Don’t worry about converting all of them.

    You could just enter all the moms who actually register through your Squeeze Page until Launch Day – that would be a great way to convert them. You get an email with each registration so its easy to tally names and select a winner.

    Janine Reply:

    And thanks so much for jumping in and replying to Amber with your thoughts, ideas and advise. The Academy and being a MfM Community Owner is all about collaboration and supporting one another, I love to see moms jumping in to help each other!

  13. Amber Ashby

    Correct me if I am wrong but you want to avoid advertising events on the facebook page as they will take away from your actual website. You also want people though to be drawn to your site by getting a bit of a preview of what is to come.

    Would you post any events before you launch?
    Would you start any discussions?

    Also to avoid people in loosing interest, shouldn’t launch happen somewhere around a week to two weeks after your campaining begins on Facebook?

    Anyone do competitions off the bat to drive people to their site?

    Any suggestions on how to convert facebook likes to actual registrations?

    Janine Reply:

    You are right. We want everything to happen on our site, Facebook is just another great way to spread the word about your site and reach more mums. Always write Facebook posts as a teaser to content on your site, with a link to the actual event posting.

    Scroll back up, this lesson has a list of sample posts great for before you launch. Module 3 and Module 4 teaches you all about this and even gives tons of sample posts for appropriate times before, during and after launch – keep going and you’ll see them!