Module 3: Your Site


Module 3 is a “Launching Guideline” that will teach you how to customize and populate your Moms for Moms site and prepare you for the day you have been waiting for – Launch Day!


Module 2 helped you formulate your identity, jump start your social media and got your feet wet in your local community through marketing. In Module 3 you will be going behind the scenes on your site to create your product.

This Module is split into 5 parts and will cover:

  • Signing-up, Signing-in & Customizing your “My Page”
  • Populating the main Features from the Forum to Groups
  • Personalizing Pages and Text Boxes throughout the site from About Us to Posting Guidelines
  • Linking Social Media accounts
  • Preparing for Launch Day

Start by watching the Module 3 intro video. Again, each lesson builds upon the next, so be sure to complete each one before moving on. Then start with Part I below. 

Customizing your My Page on your site.

Populating the Features of your Site.

Adding and Updating Each Page of Your Site.

Linking to Social Media

Prepare to Launch!

Congratulations - let's review what've learned.