Module 3: Your Site
Conclusion: Module 3

Congratulations on completing Module 3: Your Site, you are ready for Launch Day!

In Module 3 your site came to life with content! You are now the Administrator of your site, you understand the framework and all the pages of your social network, and the site is set up to share to social media to gain more members and partners.

Wow, reflect on how far you have come!


With your List and Welcome Message in your hands you are Ready to Launch!


Module 3: Your Site Recap

  • You’ve Sign-up, Signed-in and personalized your My Page
  • Populated the Main Features of your site
  • Added drop-down Pages to your Menu and Text Boxes on your Main Page
  • Set up your Shop Mom Directory and Promote Your Business Pages with a Membership Form
  • Linked your site to Facebook and Twitter
  • Content has been added by you and your Test Members – remember to thank them!
  • Prepared yourself for Launch Day with your Welcome Message and List!
  • And your Social Media posts are on auto-pilot

Ah-ha Moment?

Hit the LAUNCH button and please give me feedback on how this Module ran for you in the comments.

Next Step:

Module 4: Launch! will be released to you 5 weeks after your Academy start date.

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll accomplish:

  • Moderate Membership
  • Invite Contacts
  • Welcome each Member
  • Continue to “ride the hype” with social media
  • Reply to all posts and comments
  • Continue to populate site with content
  • Start your Chat-Worthy email blast

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  1. MelissaUtley
    7 years ago

    The module was great! I’ll let you know if I have questions that were not covered in this module once I take over.

  2. VirginiaEdelson
    7 years ago

    Thank you! This was a helpful module and I look forward to learning all of the other features. I think that editing information for “events’ would be helpful to include in this module also (ie. what you emailed me about today and how long to keep an event up, etc)

  3. IaFaraoni
    8 years ago

    This is exciting :)… Thanx Janine, I have learned a lot…