Part IV: Linking to Social Media

Social-MediaThis super cool feature links to your site to your Moms for Moms Facebook Page and your Moms for Moms Twitter account. Now you can spread the awesome content from your site to the world and drive more traffic to your site!

Using social media has opened up the capability of reaching an infinite number of new members, partners and supporters.


The first 9 sites didn’t even have Facebook pages until the 1-2 year mark and only 3 sites started using Twitter actively at the 2 1/2 year mark. But having these powerful tools to spread the awesomeness of our sites has helped tremendously for many reasons. Branding, membership, and local partnerships/cross-promotion have benefitted the most.

The number #1 question you should ask yourself with each and every social media post is this… “Is my post driving traffic back to my Moms for Moms social network?” My biggest concern for opening social media accounts around our MfM sites was that the focus would move away from our main site and engagement would take over on the social media accounts. But I do believe the benefit of the social media accounts for gaining new members and brand recognition far out weighs this concern, as long as each post is directed about to your MfM site.

Action Step 1.

Link your site to your MfM Facebook and Twitter accounts to share the love! This video will walk you through the process…

Action Step 2. Build excitement with your Facebook/Twitter followers:

From today until Launch Day keep peppering in the following message, in slightly different wording:

“Bellingham Moms for Moms believes in connecting, informing, supporting and inspiring local mothers. We are going to be so much more than a Facebook Page! Join us for Launch Day at”

You want to keep driving moms to your Squeeze Page and build excitement to the very last minute! Do a count down! Let them know how many moms have signed up! Let them know they will help build the mom community of xx!

Step 3. Mobile Set-Up

Our platform Ning released an updated mobile interface for smartphones and this quick video will walk you through customizing it. Instead of a specific “app” for your Moms for Moms site, this is simply a mobile ready version of your site that looks great and is easy to use on smart phones.

You’ll need your logo as the .png version (find it in Documents & Files –> in your Community folder), then preferably resize it smaller to 40 pixels high.

Posting from your Mobile Site to Facebook

When you are out and about in town and see something fun to share with your members, you can post to your Mobile site and then share it to Facebook! This quick video shows you how…

Ah-ha Moment?

Are you linked?  Confirm yes or no below in the comments.

Next Step

Part V. Prepare for Launch!

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  1. MelissaUtley
    7 years ago

    I am not sure if this is all set up. From my login it does not appear that any of this has been done. Should I be able to see the mobile logo updated, for example? I will have Andrea look from her end when we meet tomorrow.

  2. LauraMeyer
    7 years ago

    I have already been linked and active for a few weeks. The Facebook page has been great and I have picked up interest through my new content.

  3. VirginiaEdelson
    7 years ago

    I am as linked as I would like to be at this time:)

  4. IaFaraoni
    8 years ago

    Do I have to make a new Aspen Moms For Moms Facebook and Twitter and link it or wait until Rachel have me take over the ongoing AMFM FB page and Twitter?

  5. AndreaOwens
    8 years ago

    Fb is a big part of KM4M!

  6. Sandy Raley
    8 years ago

    yes we are linked

    Janine Reply:

    Great, thanks for the reply!

  7. AimeeRoseborrough
    8 years ago

    I got the mobile site running, but I don’t seem to have that twitter or Facebook thing on my menu bar.

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Aimee, Great job getting the mobile site running, I checked it out 🙂 Can you please be more specific regarding ” I don’t seem to have that Twitter or Facebook thing on my menu bar.” I’d like to help you!

  8. AimeeRoseborrough
    8 years ago

    There doesn’t seem to be any logos in my community folder (or business cards for that matter). Do I need to design them? Thanks.

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Aimee, I believe we took care of this when I sent you the zip file of all logos and personalized business card template. Just want to make sure I reply to all comments 🙂 I am currently uploading all those files into the Bend Community Folder for your future use.

  9. LauraLawyer
    9 years ago

    I did the mobile part and went to my phone, It didn’t update to a mobile site for some reason.