Part I: Sign-up, Sign-in & My Page

Lesson 1. Your Moms for Moms site is ready for you to sign-up and sign-in!



We will be creating your Squeeze Page with the information you supplied us in Module 2. The Squeeze Page is a placeholder at your url  www.Your to collect as many emails as possible from interested moms. When you’ve completed Module 3, and you give us the “Launch” command we will switch the websites so that your Moms for Moms online community goes live at your url.

Action Step:

For NEW sites: To view and edit your site, visit the hidden url (*Replace Your Community with your true community name.)

For TRANSFER sites: Simply log into your live site (


The site is set up so the homepage is visible to the world, but only members can click through to see inside and engage. This protects our site from spamers and those other than local mothers. Keeping it private helps moms feel safe and share openly. Membership is free for all members.


Every member will need to complete the Sign-Up process to be accepted. You will be moderating the membership of your site to only allow local mothers to join. A series of questions and a photo will help you determine the validity of each pending member. Listen to your instinct here. There is a Forum topic all about Membership Moderation and Sticky Situations you might run into for future support.

Action Step.

Go ahead and Sign-Up now!  Answer the profile questions like you would want your members to, you are setting the example. When you’ve completed it I will receive an email of your pending membership and accept you!


Once I have accepted you, you will receive an email notification, just like your future members will. You will also receive a sample Welcome Message greeting and welcoming you to the site – this step is crucial and will be covered in detail in Part V. of this Module. I will then switch your status from Member to Administrator, giving you the rights and the reigns to run and edit your site!

Action Step.

Login to your site and allow your computer to save your login/password info. You’ll be logging in so often that its nice not to have to type it every time! Confirm that you now are the Admin by seeing an “Edit” button on each box of your page.

Yahoo, now you are ready to continue!

Lesson 2. Populate your My Page

Your “My Page” is your administrator/personal profile on your Moms for Moms site. It is the identity you will be engaging with, the face and personality behind the name. These steps will walk you through filling it out.

Action Steps 1-3.

Log in to your site. Click the My Page Tab on the top Menu Bar. You’ll see the Edit button on the top right side of each box to enter your info. These boxes can be moved into a different order.

Sample My Page

1. Your Story

  1. Drag the blank “Text Box” to very top of your My Page.
  2. Click Edit and name text box “My Story.”
  3. Type in Your Story from Module 2.
  4. Click Save.

2. Profile Information

  1. Click the Edit button
  2. Review your answers to the 3 questions from your Sign-up. You are setting the example for the members so be open and authentic and pay attention to spelling and grammer. (This is so important all around your site – always double check your writing for spelling and grammer! You want to look professional. Writing classes at a local Commnunity College.)
  3. Click Save

3. Your Photos

  1. Click the + Add Photos button.
  2. Upload  a variety – yourself, your kids and family. Again you want moms to copy your example!
  3. Use the Edit button back on Photos box on your My Page to choose “slideshow” or your preference.

Ah-ha Moment?

Share your experience from Part I. My Page in the Comments below.

Next Step

Part II. Populate Features

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  1. MelissaUtley
    7 years ago

    I updated my info on the My Page on the Kalispell Moms for Moms site. It might still need some work but it is better than what I had quickly filled out a year ago!

  2. LauraMeyer
    7 years ago

    I just updated my page! 🙂 I hope the new and current moms will find it welcoming and come back to the site often!

  3. VirginiaEdelson
    8 years ago

    Thanks. Working on it and almost there. Photos are not uploading well for me but will continue to try.

  4. TracyHolcombe
    8 years ago

    Hey Janine,
    I looked for and also but got a 404 error for each. Is there a different url?

  5. IaFaraoni
    8 years ago

    Completed :)… Thanx Janine…

    Janine Reply:

    Ia, You followed the instructions perfectly! Your My Page looks great, and I love all the photos you uploaded, now members can really “meet” you and read your story to connect with you personally.

  6. AndreaOwens
    8 years ago

    So much of this was done as a second owner but I plan to make changes this winter and really do an overhaul of the entire site.

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Andrea, I just took a look at the changes you made over the weekend and I would like to set up a time to talk and walk through it when we can both sit in front of our computers. Good times for me this week are today until 3:30pm, Tuesday between 10am-2pm, and Wednesday between 8:30am-1pm. Please let me know what works for you.
    Thank you, Janine

  7. Sandy Raley
    8 years ago

    completed 🙂

    Janine Reply:

    Sandy, your My Page bio and story looks great. I recommend dragging your Photos section up to the 2nd position, above your Lastest Activity. Members like to see your pictures, and are unlikely to scroll down to the bottom of your page 🙂

  8. SiennaSolberg
    8 years ago

    Just worked on my page. I LOVE this website… so easy to use. User friendly! Can’t wait to do more. Slowly but surely! Thanks, Janine!

    Janine Reply:

    I am so glad to hear it! There are a lot of softwares out there to create online communities, but time and again I am always happy that we use Ning. It is user friendly and looks really nice! Can’t wait until you start getting compliments by your members when they first see it:)

  9. SiennaSolberg
    8 years ago

    Hi Janine,

    I hope you are well and had a fabulous vacation celebrating you and your marriage! Congrats again!

    I am trying to log into my site to start editing… I can’t seem to login. It appears that the: site is not working, and a message pops up saying, 404: Not Found.

    Maybe I’m doing it wrong… let me know! I am excited to get things a movin and a shakin!

    And, thanks for your patience with me. I apologize for not getting things going as quickly as I hoped. It’s been a hectic winter, especially these last few weeks with my job transition.

    Thanks MUCH,

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Sienna,
    Yah, so excited you are ready to start adding content to your site! Very exciting. Please no more apologies, your launch needs to happen on your timeline. I meant to shoot you an email before I left in case you were ready while I was out of town.

    The url to edit your website is: There will be zero affiliation or mention of “canyon” as soon as your site goes live to No one will ever see it and it won’t show up anywhere.

    My own Carbondale ning site is also named something different, it started as roaringforkvalley.ning… it is only registered at ning with that name.

    You’ll see a lot of the first steps of building your site completed for you 🙂 Have fun and I look forward to watching MMM come alive!

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Sienna,
    I am here to hold your hand 🙂
    Just wanted to make sure you were able to log into your “behind the scenes” website to start adding content.
    All of the Menu Tabs, Pages and Features are set up for you. All your site needs is your smiling face and a bit of content to get it started.
    Please click this link and click SIGN UP. Fill out your profile and I will approve you straight away to make you the admin.
    Excited for you,

  10. Amber Ashby
    9 years ago

    The real page is what I meant I guess. The squeeze page is where people can give their details so I can send them an email when the site goes live. Is that right? I’m still not seeing a place to capture details prelainch?

  11. Amber Ashby
    9 years ago


    How is the squeeze page coming along. I want to be able to direct traffic from my facebook site to the squeeze page.

    I went back to see if I had missed something in Module 2 about the waiting for the squeeze page and there wasn’t anything. My mistake for getting ahead of myself but is it worth putting something in the Academy about waiting to post on facebook until that squeeze page is complete?

    Or maybe it is because I completed that portion of the Academy last year and without my comments in the new Acedemy, there was nothing for you to work with! I think i might have answered my own question!

    Anyhow, so keen to get started on my Facebook campaign but will wait until that squeeze page is done.

    Thanks so much Janine.

    Janine Reply:

    WOO-HOO – SQUEEZE PAGE WENT LIVE LAST NIGHT!! Check it out at your url

  12. Amber Ashby
    9 years ago

    All going smoothly. Question. Is the my Website logo displayed on the real page?

    Janine Reply:

    Amber, can you clarify this question please. What are you referring to a “real page?”
    Yes, it is there now on the basic landing page. It will be there with the updated Squeeze Page (coming Sunday 3/9 our time.) And it will be on your homepage when your site goes live.

    Janine Reply:

    Amber, I think I know what you were referring to now! I just added your logo to your real site at

    Janine Reply:

    Hi Amber,
    I am here to hold your hand.
    Its wonderful that you are now the official admin of your site and can start adding content to get the ball rolling. I see your family photos which are perfect.
    Pick up on your My Page where you need to enter your “Story” and drag it to the top so moms can read about you.
    Then you are ready to move on to Part II: Populating the Features. I give you loads of examples for Forum posts, just copy and paste mine.
    For events start coping and pasting from this FB Page – your site will be so much more valuable because members can connect for real and communicate.
    Just want to help you get the ball rolling again 🙂 Please let me know how I can help.

  13. LauraLawyer
    9 years ago

    Works! thanks for fixing it so fast 🙂