Part III: Pages & Text Boxes

faqPages and Text Boxes help explain your site.

“Pages” are the drop-down pages you see on your Menu Bar, and the “Text-Boxes” are flexible space that go on your Main Page to give direction. Drop-down Pages and Text Boxes need to be added and filled in with content.

This lesson provides you with how to add these, and provides the content for those Pages and Text Boxes.

Of course feel free to create your own and edit them to your liking.

Action Step 1. Adding Tabs and Blank Pages

Follow these steps to create the drop-down pages on your Menu Bar. These add more information and clarification to your members about yourself, Moms for Moms Communities and how to use your site.

  1. Click Manage
  2. Click Tabs & Pages
  3. Click + Add New Tab
  4. On the right type in the Name of the Tab. Its easiest to name them what I have for linking in the future.
  5. Click the radio button for Create New Page
  6. Save Tab Settings
  7. Repeat!

Here is a screen shot to walk you through.

Tabs & Pages screen shot


Action Step 2. Adding Content to Pages

Here are links to each Page available for you to “swipe” and add to your site. Follow steps 1-9 for each page.

  1. Click the Page link
  2. Open the document and copy all the code
  3. Open your website, scroll your mouse through the menu and click the corresponding Page
  4. Click Options –> Edit
  5. On the page toolbar click the HTML Editor Tab –> the body of the page will turn yellow
  6. Click your cursor in the body of the page –> Paste the code –> Click VISUAL MODE tab to see what it looks like
  7. Read through the text and update the links and your personal info where necessary
  8. Click Update Page
  9. Click each link to double check it is correct! Its really embarrassing when your links are broken!

Swipe Pages:

Action Step 3. Adding and Editing Text Boxes

First add 3 blank Text Boxes to your Main Page. One should be in the top, middle position for the “Spotlight” but the other 2 can be anywhere. Move them around to see what you like best and what content is most important to you and your members.

Textboxes on Main Page

Here are links to each Text Box available for you to “swipe” and add to your site. Be sure to read through each one and update the links and your personal info where necessary. Follow steps 1- for each Text Box.

  1. Click the Text Box link below
  2. Open the document and copy all the code
  3. Open your website, on the Main page click EDIT on the corresponding Text Box
  4. On the little toolbar click the HTML button –> the body of the text box will turn yellow
  5. Click your cursor in the body of the text box –> Paste the code –> Click HTML button again to see what it looks like
  6. Read through the text and update the links and your personal info where necessary
  7. Click Save
  8. Click each link to double check it is correct! Its really embarrassing when your links are broken!

Swipe Text Boxes

Welcome Spotlight Box

Where do I post?

Make Local Happen

Action Step 4. Editing the Links in Swipe Pages and Text Boxes

Each Swipe Page and Text Box have my info in the links. You’ll need to review each one and update it for your personal info or your site. Again, this is the most complicated html work you will do on your Moms for Moms site. I knew ZERO html when I started, in fact I hated the thought of html, but nows it feels pretty cool to know a bit of the basics!

A little background… You can link to a webpage within your site, or you can use a link to email you. Pretty cool, huh?

To fix a link to a page on your site:

  • For example to link to the Shop Mom directory page – go find that page, copy the url.
  • Come back to your text box you want to link – Click the Edit button for that text box
  • If it already has a link you want to fix, click your mouse once over the linked words –> an edit/delete box pops up
  • Click Edit
  • Delete the current url –> paste in your new one
  • Save
  • Check link!

To fix an “email or contact me” link:

  • For example the Contact Us text box on the homepage
  • Click the Edit button on the text box
  • Click once on the link you want to fix –> the edit/delete box pops up
  • Click Edit
  • For the url type:  (your email address)
  • Click New Window and OK.
  • Check that your link open an email to you!


Community Owners are asking great questions in the Ah-ha Moments and in the Owners Forum, so I have great new content to answer those questions. Watch these quick 1-2 minute videos to learn what to do when….

Ah-ha Moment?

Share and ask questions regarding your Pages and Text Boxes below in the comments.

Next Step

Part IV. Linking to Social Media

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  1. MelissaUtley
    7 years ago

    I believe this is all done. I did click through the pages and read through the instructions so I know how to do this. I will need to update the appropriate pages with my info when we are to that point.

  2. VirginiaEdelson
    7 years ago

    I’m all set and have updated broken links and contact me links.

  3. IaFaraoni
    8 years ago

    This was set up by Rachel so all i’ll have to do now is edit the About Us page and edit each pages with my contact email but i’ll have to wait to do that until I get my own email…

  4. AndreaOwens
    8 years ago

    Gretchen did.

  5. Sandy Raley
    8 years ago

    Hi Janine,

    In action 3 under Features Layout it doesn’t give me any options to add on the left side. It just says ning app. Can you please help?

    Janine Reply:

    Sandy, every now and then there is a technical hiccup when we use Features Layout. Sometimes it won’t let you drag and drop the features. But from your description it sounds like the Features aren’t even visible, like that column is missing.
    Just try logging out of your site, closing your Internet browser, perhaps even restarting your computer, and try again. Hopefully it will show up like normal again.
    You can also try a different browser like Chrome or Firefox and see if that works.
    After some time is always goes back to normal.
    Sorry I don’t have a specific fix… it just happens sometimes 🙂

    Sandy Raley Reply:

    Okay I will try that. Thanks

  6. LauraLawyer
    9 years ago

    Janine, I added the “welcome spotlight page”. I went ahead and deleted it until I could find out the problem, but would love to add it back if possible.

  7. LauraLawyer
    9 years ago

    I followed instructions on how to change my “about” page and everything worked wonderfully, except the photo. It is rotated sideways, I even went as far as rotating the original picture every which way to see if it would make the difference on the website, but it didn’t 🙁 I went ahead and updated the my information but didn’t add a picture. Help please!

  8. Janine
    9 years ago

    Question from Laura:
    “When I uploaded my photo on the about BMFM page it doesn’t let me rotate my picture and my head is sideways. Thoughts?”

    Your photo must be rotated before you upload it. The image upload function on the site allows you to resize it, align it left – center-right and add a hyper-link to it. There is no rotation or cropping function.
    Use a simple image viewing application on your computer to rotate it and save it first, then upload.

  9. Janine
    9 years ago

    Question from Laura:
    “I tried adding a swipe page and followed instructions, I hit edit and changed info to BMfM, and hit save page. After I went to the live page another window came up and said “page does not exist”. Anyone else experiencing this?”

    The issue is with the url. I need to look at your site, please tell me what swipe page you added.