Module 4: Launch!

Since that first email with me so many months ago, you have arrived at the day you’ve been working so hard towards. Your site is going LIVE!

It is a gift to be a member of a Moms for Moms site, a gift I am so grateful that you will be giving to yourself and all the mothers in your community.

Thank you for believing in me and inspiring me!

In Module 3 you built out your site from customizing the pages to connecting it with the world. Module 4 is going to hold your hand and guide you through how to run an online community.

Now, that being said, online communities are living, breathing forms that take on a life of their own. Always remind yourself that this is social media, you need to give it the freedom to grow and evolve without over protecting it, like a toddler! There will always be something new to learn, so embrace it and expect the unexpected! Always take a deep breath and then continue with grace and integrity.

Module 4 will teach you how to:

  • Go Live
  • Moderate Membership
  • Invite Contacts
  • Welcome each Member
  • Continue to “ride the hype” with social media
  • Reply to all posts and comments
  • Continue to populate site with content
  • Start your Chat-Worthy email blast

Start by watching the Module 4 Intro Video and then continue with Go Live!

Activate the Go Live Sequence

Members will return if they find relevant content

Promote and Gain Members

Its Worth Chatting About

Congratulations - let's review what've learned.