Module 4: Launch!
Conclusion: Module 4 Launch!

Congratulations on completing Module 4: Launch!

Your MfM site is LIVE!

With so much excitement going on, you deserve to take a deep breath and reflect on how much you have accomplished.

You are now the proud owner of an online community for mothers!

What you learned during this past Module is what you’ll continue to do moving forward to grow and support your site for the long run:

  • grow membership
  • discover and post relevant content
  • interact on your site & with the community at large
  • share your WHY with the world!

Module 4: Launch Recap.

  • Moderate the Membership as new members join
  • Invited all your Opt-in Emails and Personal Contacts
  • Got in the rhythm of Welcoming and Commenting on each Member
  • Continue to “ride the hype” with social media
  • Reply to all posts and comments
  • Continue to populate all areas of the site with relevant content
  • Sent your first Chat-Worthy email blast

Ah-ha Moment?

How does it feel to be live? What was the most exciting moment? Please provide feedback on Module 4: Launch below in the Comments.

Next Step:

Module 5: Growth. Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll accomplish:

  • The MFMC Revenue Model: Building Relationships in your Community to Promote Paid Content!
  • Community Involvement to Give Back and Grow your Brand

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  1. obvnquosjcwigcxd


  2. MelissaUtley

    Overall great info! I’m sure I will refer back to this Module as I take over more responsibilities from Andrea. Some of the information did seem repetitive from previous modules. For example the information on welcoming members and using social media.

  3. LauraMeyer

    Got it! 🙂

  4. IaFaraoni

    It was exciting to learn all the things in module 4 specially how to send Chat-Worthy email broadcast…

  5. AndreaOwens