Module 4: Launch!
Go Live!

Activate the Go Live Sequence

Before you take the next step to invite members or announce that your site it live, we need to make the very important url switch.

Its Murphy’s Law that technical glitches happen when people are waiting and watching, so just take this part one step at a time, double check your work, and communicate. 

Action Step 1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

We need at least 72 hours (3 days) notice of your Launch Day and time (and time zone! Its just not always as easy as clicking a button. There are almost always technical hiccups or time needed to transfer domains.

  1. Re-Confirm your day, time, and time zone on this Module 4: Go Live Forum thread.
  2. Confirm that I responded to your request.

Action Step 2. MfMC will Swap urls

At some point 24-48 hours before your Launch Day and time, MfMC will swap your urls. Because of the varying time it takes for transfers to go through, MfMC will conduct this with time to spare for technical difficulties. We don’t want to be doing this minutes before your announced Launch.

Once the transfer goes through, your Squeeze Page will no longer be visible, and anyone who visits your true url will find your live social network. Its ok if they Sign-Up, just let them sit in the moderation que until Launch Day. You can send them an email telling them they will be accepted on Launch Day.

Ah-ha Moment?

Reconfirm your Launch Day, time and time zone on the Forum here.

Next Step:

Membership Moderation