Module 4: Launch!
Part I. Membership Moderation

Your Site is Ready to Accept Members!

To this day I still get giddy when I see a new member waiting for approval, and the members just keep on coming!

The personal interest you take in your new members right from the start will form their impression forever.



Action Step 1. Confirm Membership Moderation Emails

As the administrator of your site you will receive an email notification each time a new member fills out a profile and submits for membership. Let’s make sure you’re getting those emails 🙂

  1. Visit your MfM Site –> click My Page
  2. Click Settings –> Email
  3. Just check everything, the whole list. But double check that the Moderation boxes are for sure checked. (see image below)
  4. Save changes






 Action Step 2. Approving Members

When a new member signs up you will receive an email notification in your inbox. A link will take you directly to your Member Management screen.

Or, when you are on your Main Page, check the Box on the right side labeled “Awaiting Approval” and click the link to the same Member Management screen.

From the Member Management screen read over their photo, name, email address, date and then click the “View Profile” link to read their answers. Most of the time it is clear a local mom is on the other end answering the questions truthfully.

Watch this quick tour for Approving Members:

Action Step 3. Sticky Situations

99% of the time this process is super easy and fun, but when a weird one comes along approval becomes your judgement call. Listen to your instinct here. You are the gate keeper of your site. Your role is accept all local mothers, but if the answers to the profile questions don’t feel right, listen.  

When you come across a profile that puts up a red flag for you don’t approve them right away. The video below shows a few examples. Send them a respectful email from your email address (not through the site.) Their email is listed on the Member Management page. Simply introduce yourself as the community owner and explain that you are following up for safety reasons. Then just ask them for a little more info about themselves and you’d be happy to approve them.

  • If they reply and give you more info, thank them and approve them staight away.
  • If you don’t hear back you can try one more time, or assume your instincts were correct and simply delete them.


We’ve all had weird ones, check out our stories here on the Forum under Sticky Situations for Pending Members. I keep adding sample emails I’ve written for you to copy and paste. And please add your own Sticky Situations too so we can all learn from each other and count on moral support when we need it most!

Action Step 4. Reducing Spamers During Sign-Up

Every social network gets spammer, and all the Moms for Moms sites have had to deal with them too. They tend to come in waves and then disappear for a while. There are a few things you can do to beef up your security during the Sign-Up process to deter Spammers.

  • Require members to verify their email address used during Sign-Up
  • Require members to fill out a Capcha and/or a Quiz Question

Watch this quick video tutorial on how to select these options.

Ah-ha Moment?

What does your gut tell you… reply in the Comments below.

Next Step:

Import and Invite your List!

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  1. MelissaUtley
    7 years ago

    I checked the KMfM site controls and they look good. The forum links do not work.

  2. LauraMeyer
    7 years ago

    Got it 🙂

  3. VirginiaEdelson
    7 years ago

    We’re all set and hopeful for “legit”/real members:)

  4. IaFaraoni
    8 years ago

    ooohhh by the way, “The sticky situation for pending members” link doesn’t work, it just says error have occurred…

  5. IaFaraoni
    8 years ago

    I went ahead and made sure that those boxes were checked in my page setting… I also received the email that a member waiting for approval the other day, I didn’t approve it though because i wanted Rachel to do it for now til the announcement of me taking over :)… I also looked at the pending approvals and saw 3 pending members there from long time ago and there’s a specific one that is very suspicious, he used the name fladesreabo and have a man’s picture, and has answers to the questions but the answers doesn’t make sense…

  6. AndreaOwens
    8 years ago

    Gretchen did

  7. AndreaOwens
    8 years ago

    Gretchen did everything for launch day