Module 4: Launch!
Part II. Import & Invite

Your site is live and you are ready for members!

The pre-launch marketing effort you put in over the last month is going to pay off now. Up until site #9 there was no “list”, no Facebook pages or Twitter accounts, and not even formal test members! It was all word of mouth and a few flyers posted around town. Talk about grassroots!

I’m excited to watch the growth curve on your sites as you jump-start them with members who are excited with anticipation and curiosity. 

Action Step 1. Import Your List

From the List Building activity in Module 3 make sure your Excel spreadsheet is saved as a .csv file and ready to go.

  1. Visit your MfM Site –> click the Invite Tab on your Menu bar
  2. Click the yellow @Address Book symbol
  3. Click Import Address Book
  4. Browse for the saved .csv file on your computer
  5. Import
  6. Names will appear! So cool, huh!
  7. Click Invite
  8. Breathe 🙂


Action Step 2. Import Your Facebook Friends

Here you can invite any Personal Facebook Friends that are moms in your community.

  • From the same Invite Tab, click on the Facebook symbol
  • The program will load all your personal Facebook friends
  • Go through and click Invite for all the local moms you know (some of you will have many, some will have none.)
  • Edit the little message to them – personalize it (you can copy this to paste it in the next ones!)
  • Click Send!
  • Breathe 🙂

*Facebook Page Likes Side Note (again). I WISH you could import all the email address of the moms who have LIKED your MfM Facebook Page. I did some research under the Help section and it seems you can only privately message a Like from your Page if they message you privately first. I thought you could go through each Like and view their About Me section to find their email. Some have it listed, many don’t. Does anyone have more experience with this – Ashley?? If so can you please teach us on the Forum thread below… its an untapped goldmine!  


Action Step 3. Follow-up via email

Moms are busy, email inboxes are full, and sometimes these invites go to spam folders. So as a follow-up compose a lively, excited Launching announcement email to send to all your list. Try to wait at least 12, perhaps 24 hours before you send this to space out the 2 invitations.

Hello Bellingham Moms, 

It is Launch Day at! Our new community site is LIVE! We’ve had such an awesome response from our test members we can’t wait to share it with all of you!

I believe that as an engaged group of mothers, together we can build a stronger community online and offline to make Bellingham an even more fabulous place to raise our families. Join our growing community of local mothers to connect, share information, find and offer support and be inspired by one another.

Visit and click SIGN-UP to enter the site.  Check out who else is already here and if you don’t see your mom friends yet, invite them!



Ah-ha Moment?

Share your import experience below in the Comments.

Next Step:

Welcome New Members

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  1. MelissaUtley

    At this time I do not have any one to invite or add to the site. I will refer back to these instructions in the future if needed.

  2. LauraMeyer

    Kelly and I have the same group of mom connections but I will review and make sure we are not missing anyone. I will continue to focus on other groups and new moms 🙂

  3. VirginiaEdelson

    Thank you. I did personal emails as opposed to a generated/linked invite

  4. IaFaraoni

    I did the invite through address book, I just invited one on my list for now just to try and will invite the rest after I take over so I can send them my welcome message… The process is successful, that was cool :)… I will txt her tomorrow to make sure she got the invite :)…

  5. AndreaOwens


  6. AndreaOwens

    Gretchen did it. When I bought the site there was about 500 members. I am just a little under 800 now.