Module 4: Launch!
Part IV. Ride the Hype

Ride the Hype with Social Media

The wave of momentum is building, keep riding it out with Facebook and Twitter.



Action Step 1. Plaster Facebook and Twitter

You’ve been posting your countdown for days now, building the anticipation and excitement. Today is the day to give your Likes and Followers the Launch posts! Posts with images and photos have a higher click through rate, so attach one of you, moms, kids, local photos around town, something representative of the site. Always include your url for moms to click through with a call to action. I recommend posting 3 times a day, for  5 days after Launch Day, at all different times to capture as many people as possible.

Again, you can schedule all of them ahead of time with the tutorial from Module 3: 3…2…1 Launch. If you need to change anything its easy! Just visit your scheduled posts on your Facebook Page and edit them.

Also keep in mind that Twitter sharing is on and keep it to under 140!

Sample posts:

  • Today’s the Day! The waiting is over, has launched, join us!
  • Its Launch Day at! Visit us and click Sign-Up, I (or we) can’t wait to meet you.
  • The site is OPEN! Join our growing community of moms at
  • Our first 10 members have joined our new online community for local Bellingham mothers – whose next?!
  • Have you invited your local mom friends to our hyper-local social network yet? Use the Invite Tab on the site!
  • 25 Moms and counting! Share this link to spread the word to all the mothers of Bellingham.
  • Wow, what a valuable local resource we are building together moms – events, marketplace, forum, local business discounts. Check us out at

Ah-ha Moment?

Can you think of other posts or ways of riding the hype just a little longer? Leave a comment below.

Next Step:

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  1. MelissaUtley

    Although the KMfM site has been launched for some time I think some of the examples above could still be used to grow the community. For example, “889 moms who have joined our community! Who will be 900?” I have also thought about providing an incentive for being the 900th or 1000th mom to join–something related to one of the advertisers would work well or a small gift card.

  2. LauraMeyer

    Got it 🙂

  3. VirginiaEdelson

    Same as Ia… with that said, using one’s personal FB/social media outlets can further the efforts from the page.

  4. IaFaraoni

    Since I am taking over, I don’t think there’s a need for mr to post for ways of riding the hype a little longer… rachel is on the process of figuring out how to make me admin on the Facebook and twitter account then by then i’ll posts relevant postings for the community…

  5. AndreaOwens

    Gretchen did this