Module 4: Launch!
Part V. Engage & Reply

Its All About Engagement

This is where you get to play the star member and set the example for all your new members. By replying and commenting to each post around the site, you are setting the expectations and showing members their posts are being read.

Its such a let down when you post as a member and no one replies. 


Action Step 1. Reply on the Forum

Be sure you are “Following” the Forum as well so when a new topic is posted you’ll receive an email notification. I am in the habit of reading the Forum every time I’m on the site. Once you are familiar with the recent posts, its easy to scan it for new discussions. Even if the topic isn’t totally relevant to you, try to comment with a thoughtful reply. Or at least thank them for posting and encourage others to reply.

Action Step 2. Comment On & Promote Blog Posts

Since the Blog is not set up as discussions but rather as announcements, way less commenting takes place. You can see how many views each post has received though.

Direct your members attention to the blog by:

  1. Reposting new blog posts to social media
  2.  Highlight them in an upcoming Chat-Worthy email blast

Action Step 3. Say Hello in Groups & Promote Groups

As a member yourself you can just choose the Groups that are relevant to you. No need to pretend you are someone you’re not. In the Groups you created to create content and get the ball rolling, you can opt out to receive emails from them so your inbox isn’t flooded. But in the Groups you are interested in I recommend you receive an email when new members join to say welcome and hello. Participate in them like a regular member of the site.

Promote Groups to help them gain more members.

  • Each month or so, highlight a different set of Groups in the Featured section.
  • Share Groups to social media to highlight them and recruit new members
  • Highlight a Group in each Chat-Worthy
  • Start a new Forum discussion around the topic of a new Group and link over to the new Group to recruit new members

Action Step 4. Comment Back on the Wall

As you welcome each member, some will write you back to thank you and say hello. Its such a wonderful feeling to know that members appreciate the site and your hard work. If they write to you, comment back on their Wall to say thank you. This makes MfM sites much more personal and makes your members feel like you actually do care about them. And who knows, you might find a new friend in the process!

Ah-ha Moment?

What kind of response did you get when you replied and commented on members’ posts? Share with us in the Comments below.

Next Step:

Keep the content coming…

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  1. MelissaUtley

    I have not replied as owner to a members’ posts yet. However, I do consistently post in the playgroup group and try to encourage discussion.

  2. LauraMeyer

    I will continue to work on all of these connections!

  3. VirginiaEdelson

    Our interactions are VERY limited at this point. My main goal will be to encourage comments and engagement among our very silent membership.

  4. IaFaraoni

    I just replied to a discussion tonight from a member asking for suggestions on where to have a birthday party in December… There were other recommendations already, this is my reply

    You can also check out Birthday Parties at Red Brick and kids can enjoy bounce house… Click the
    Aspen Parks and recreation Logo on the side bar, under Sports and Activities click birthday parties and u can find information there about having a birthday party at Rec Center as well as at Red Brick…

    Parties can be held at the Red Brick Recreation Center for a reservation fee of $62 per hour (limited to 20 children). This fee includes tables, chairs, set-up, and tear-down.

    For an additional $25 – $75, you can add one or more inflatable bounce houses or obstacle courses (various themes available).

    I didn’t get a response on that yet…