Module 4: Launch!
Part VI. Content is King

Members will only return if they find relevant content.

You’ve got one chance to make a first impression. If a new member finds relevant content its highly likely she’ll come back.

With the MfM hyper-local philosophy and a wide array of features the odds are in your favor!


Action Step 1. Fresh Forum Topics

A major goal of your test members was to have them each post a Forum topic. You want your new members to see that others are posting on the Forum right from the start so they feel encouraged to create new discussions. To stay authentic avoid being the only one who posts new topics just for the sake of posting.

If you find the Forum isn’t taking off send a private message to your test members and ask them for help to get the ball rolling and to set the example. Give them ideas on a wide range of topics if they aren’t sure.

Your Chat-Worthy bi-weekly e-newsletter will be a powerful tool to keep the Forum rolling too. Each time you’ll pick a few topics that are  super hot or need some replies to direct members to participate in the discussions.

Reposting Forum topics to Facebook is another way to generate more comments.

Action Step 2. Events, Events, Events

The age old question for mothers is “What is there to do with my kids?” You want them to think of your Events calendar as the place to find the answer!

This may sometimes feel time consuming but your ROI is high in providing members with relevant content. There are likely other websites in your community with event calendars, again you want them to find the info from you. The Forum is the heart & soul of your site, and the Events provides relevant content.

Action Step 3. Unique Groups

Moms are just as unique as their children. We all have different interests, hobbies and passions. Show moms that Groups are the place to connect with those moms who share those interests.

You’ve already jumpstarted Groups by creating some before Launch. Now that you have members telling you about themselves on their profiles and on the Forum, be proactive and create Groups for the needs and interests you see. After you create them, comment on the member’s Wall with a link to the new Group to have them check it out… I thought you might be interested in…

You can promote Groups by Featuring them in the Groups section. Rotate your Featured Groups every month.

You can promote Groups in your Chat-Worthy newsletter.

Repost Groups to Facebook and invite members to click through and join if the topic interests them.

Action Step 4. New Blogs & Perks! that Add Value

Moms love a deal! As you become connected in your community share discounts, promotions and coupons you hear about with your members. At first you are posting these complimentary to set an example for future advertisers. Only you know what’s been paid for and what hasn’t.

Continue to beef up and promote Shop Mom until members start to inquire about joining and you have your first paid membership. While reading profile questions often moms will mention their business. If they do jump on it! Tell them about Shop Mom and offer them a complimentary membership for a year, or the VIP level at the Spotlight rate.

Repost Blogs to Facebook. Write Wall posts about your Shop Mom members and their Perks! and link to their Facebook pages if they have one. Highlight Blogs and Perks! in your Chat-Worthy.

Ah-ha Moment?

Where are you finding your content? Share with us in the Comments.

Next Step:

Reposting to Social Media

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  1. MelissaUtley

    There is a website for the Flathead Valley that lists all kinds of events in the valley from which bands are playing at bars to “Books & Babies” at the library. You can also find events and deals/specials advertised in the 2 local newspapers and on community boards around town. I also get a lot information from Facebook and word of mouth.

  2. LauraMeyer

    In the beginning I plan to update as many events as possible and promote them through social media. I would like to focus on all events but my goal is to find support (advertisers) and shop moms to bring the traffic back to the site. I understand that content is crucial and my biggest goal is to reorganize and grow the content to make a great tool for our Basalt moms!

  3. VirginiaEdelson

    I am actively seeking out new events + offering shop mom memberships on a trial basis as our shop mom clients are extremely outdated (ie. half don’t exist anymore). Once the advertisers and moms can see the value, we will focus on monthly newsletters and hopefully be receiving info vs seeking it.

  4. IaFaraoni

    I plan on doing the bi-weekly chat worthy newsletter… I also plan on the personal welcome message to recommend a group that might interest the member based on their profile answer… I did that on my sample welcome message in Module 4: Part III

  5. AndreaOwens

    I do an ebalst 2x a month. They are very successful.