Module 4: Launch!
Part VIII. Chat-Worthy

Its Worth Chatting About: The Moms for Moms e-newsletter

A bi-weekly email blast highlighting the top content on your site is a relevent, informative and fun newletter to keep members in the loop and coming back.


Community owners report time and again that activity always goes up after sending one. 

Sending a bi-weekly Chat-Worthy through an email blast to all your members is fun, adds value, and keeps our members coming back time and again. Member engagement and repeat visits are our most valuable asset! 

I recommend sending your first Chat-Worthy at your 2 week mark.  

Action Step 1. Create Your Chat-Worthy Template

I have a super looking template for everyone to use! After you make a few simple tweaks to reflect your logo, site and signature you can re-use the template each week with ease!

Here is a video tutorial, then follow the steps below to get yours started today:

  • Open this Chat-Worthy template. It is a word document in html code. 

  • Click Manage –> 
  • Under Members open a new Message Broadcast
  • Click the html tab
  • Copy and paste the entire html code from the Word doc 
  • Paste it into the body of your email blast
  • Click back to Visual
  • Start at the very top and edit each section to reflect your site. 
    • In the Header change your website address
    • Click on the logo –> Delete –> upload your community logo –> click the Left button –> change the size to 300.
  • Write a Mini Intro (2-3 sentences) in your own style to reflect that edition. For your first 6 months or so you can write something like:

Welcome to the First Edition of Chat-Worthy! I’ll be sending out this e-newletter every two weeks to keep you updated on the goings on around Bellingham Moms for Moms. Add your 2 cents in the Forum, join new Groups, enjoy coupons and discounts from local businesses and more! And this newsletter is very shareable, just forward it to the mom friends you know to invite them to join us. 

  • You can also leave this out and just jump into “Its Worth Chatting About”
  • In the Image Box on the right choose an image or logo (3 max) that are relevant to your stories that week.
    • Make the title or subtitle of the image link to something relevant on your site.
  • For the Its Worth Chatting About section choose 3 interesting, exciting or new points. 
    • Just highlight the existing text and type over top of it. 
    • Highlight a phrase in each paragraph and make it a link to that page on your site.
  • For the Shop Mom! Updates:
    • Welcome new members and their businesses
    • Highlight a Biz Blog posting
    • Mention a new offer, etc.
  • Other Topics to Include that are not paid advertising or promotion: A new Group, an upcoming Event, an awesome Marketplace item
  • In the Footer, update your signature, website address link and Facebook link

Almost done!

  • Now click Send Me a Preview. This is hugely important – do not skip this step!
  • Go to your inbox and proof read.
  • Click each link to test it.
  • If you find mistakes go back over to your Broadcast Message, make the edits and Send Preview again.
    • Watch for typos, spelling mistakes, incorrect font and size
  • When it is perfect you are ready to make a template for yourself for next time.
    • Click back to the html tab of your Message Broadcast
    • highlight ALL (cntl + A )–> copy (cntl + C )
    • Paste it into a new Word doc (cntl + V) –> name and save it to your computer.
    • Next time start with this Word Doc html and all you have to do is write new stories!

Action Step 2. Choosing Topics

Vary your topic categories from week to week. You can rotate through Forum posts, Groups,  Blog promotions, Marketplace items, and Event.

Celebrate holidays and milestones in Chat-Worthy. When you hit 100 members, 6 month anniversary, a newspaper article and reason to celebrate the success of your site. For holidays share quotes, photos, special events, etc. Mark the occasion.

As you start to build partnerships, trades and advertising clients you’ll always need to include them if they are paying you for inclusion in your e-blast.

Be conscious to balance promotions/advertising with quality, relevant content that isn’t selling them something. Mix it up, make it fun.

Action Step 3. Formatting, Images & Links

Chat-Worthy needs to look professional. It is a direct reflection of your site and you as the community owner. A well written, nicely formatted newsletter make a really positive impression.

  • Review each edition for spelling, grammer and typos.
  • Check each link in your email Preview before you send out the real one. Its a lost opportunity and embarrassing when links are broken.
  • Headlines are size 5, paragraphs are size 3.
  • Link a few words in a sentence to something on your site for members to take action on.
  • Images must be deleted each time, the template doesn’t allow for editing.
  • Main column images are “full” aligned and 150 in size, small images in other categories below are 125, right aligned, with 3 pixels of padding

The template is finicky, but it will impress your members and you’ll always see a spike in engagement after you send it!

Sample Chat-Worthies

Ah-ha Moment?

What will your first Chat-Worthy highlights be? Share with us in the Comments below.

Next Step:

Conclusion Module 4!

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  1. MelissaUtley

    I will connect with Andrea about when she is sending the next Chat-Worthy and plan to help her with it. There is large event coming up the first weekend in October that is advertising with KMfM. I am assuming this will be the main focus of the next Chat-Worthy.

  2. LauraMeyer

    Kelly and I are working together on my first chat-worthy which we will send out on 9/1. Kelly has been a HUGE support in my transition and a great partner. I think it will be a great chat-worthy and a fabulous launch to my transition.
    This will give me the next few weeks to recruit shop moms, work on content and build a buzz!

  3. VirginiaEdelson

    We are heading into “off season” and then summer so i will likely do a recap of the winter plus what to look forward to this summer and will re-introduce the site.

  4. IaFaraoni

    Since I am taking over around Christmas, my forest Chart-Worthy would be Merry Christmas or Happy New Years and Highlights the events that are coming up on january…

  5. AndreaOwens

    I have had a lot of success with the eblast. I use them to remind members of moms night out, community events, advertising specials, etc.