Module 5: Growth

 growthGrowth in Community & Revenue

Module 4 launched your site.  You are learning how to run an online community.

You’ve set the tone for sharing authentically and your members are building trust with your site and with each other. You and your members are posting content.

Your Chat-Worthy is gaining readership, and your social media pages are gaining followers.

Module 5 is a new beginning, a new launching point.



Growth will cover:


  • The MfMC Advertising Model
  • Other Revenue Streams
  • Google Analytics
  • Marketing & Sales Manager


  • Hosting Events
  • Involvement
  • Giving Back


  • Guidelines to Transfer

Ah-ha Moment?

Share what you are unsure or nervous about in this new phase in the Comments below.

Next Step:

Start by watching the Module 5 intro video above, then continue with Part I. Revenue

Revenue Growth

Events, Involvement, Giving Back

Transfer Guideline

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