coffee meetingBuilding Relationships to Promote Paid Content

This is NOT a “sell, sell, sell” mentality, you are not a telemarketer cold calling people to sell them a widget.

Instead, come from a place of COLLABORATION with the INTENTION to build a mutually beneficial, trusting, long lasting RELATIONSHIP with local organizations, businesses and schools. 

Say: “Moms for Moms can help you promote what you offer to our community of moms!” AND “How can we cross-promote our organizations to our followers?”

The Revenue Module will teach you:

  • The MfMC Advertising Model
  • Other Creative Revenue Streams
  • What is Google Analytics and How to Use it
  • Bringing on a Marketing & Sales Manager

 Ah-ha Moment?

Say the sentence in quotes out loud. Yes, with your voice, let it roll off your tongue. This is your mantra! What do you think? Share in the Comments below, way below….

Next Step

Part I: Advertising Philosophy

Local, Relevant, Add Value

Who does your client want to reach?

Different options you can charge for.

Foundation of the Revenue Model

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