Rifle Moms for Moms Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Evening News Interview

Rifle Moms for Moms owner Leanne Worton celebrated the site’s 1 Year Anniversary with an evening news interview on ABC’s KREX Channel 5 News. The segment highlighted  the site’s open forums to discuss anything from social planning to tips on child care. Rifle mom Kristine Llacuna uses the site to help her balance between her roles as mother and business owner.

Llacuna says, “One of the biggest things with being a business mom, is there are other business moms on there. It’s been nice talking to people about how hard it is to run a business and be a mom, sometimes it gets a little hectic.”

Leanne Worton started as a member of nearby Carbondale Moms for Moms in January of 2011.  As a mother and active community member she loved the site so much that four months later she launched a Moms for Moms site in her own rural community of Rifle, CO in April 2011.

“Coming here with a 2 year old, it was really tough to find other moms who were in the same place that I was. Rifle is a rural area and it can be hard to make friends as a mom, says Worton.

Now one year later Rifle Moms for Moms has 221 members who have discussed 222 Forum topics, posted 775 Events, shared 335 photos, and created 24 niche Groups. Congratulations Leanne, you are building a stronger community by engaging the moms in Rifle!

Moms for Moms Communities sites are launching in small mountain towns across North America. To learn how to launch your community site visit www.MomsforMomsCommunities.com

Special Needs Moms for Moms: An Engaged Community

SpecialNeedsMomsforMoms.com was launched in October 2o11 for mothers of special needs children to connect, find information, share and offer support and be inspired to engage. In just 4 short months the site has grown to 278 members. Every member of this social network is building a stronger special needs community by engaging with other mothers on a similar journey.

I want to highlight the strengths on Special Needs Moms for Moms and build upon what they do best. The members are a diverse group of mothers who share authentically.

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Building Community One Year at a Time. Grand Valley Moms for Moms earns media attention at one year anniversary milestone.

Lindsay Ellis and Grand Valley Moms for Moms celebrated a wildly successful first year on Wednesday and deemed a spotlight on ABC’s KJCT Channel 8 Evening News. In the past local mother, Lindsay Ellis had tried her own hand at blogging about things to do with kids in the Grand Valley, but struggled to reach an audience. One year ago she discovered Moms for Moms Communities™ and learned of the opportunity to run her own social network for mothers. In just 365 days, 579 mothers joined the site, discussed 190 topics on the Forum, and created 34 niche interest Groups.

GrandValleyMomsforMoms.com launched on February 1, 2011 and has been called a “superhighway of local mom information” and become the “go to local community resource for mothers” in the Grand Valley.  

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Sisterhood of Motherhood, Moms for Moms Communities celebrates the launch of HuffPost Global Motherhood

Mamavist, [ma-ma-vist]: noun. 1) someone who is vigorous advocate of causes pertaining to mothers.

Surprisingly mamavist wasn’t listed in the dictionary, this is my own definition of the word. With all the amazing, strong, dedicated mothers around the world who are making a difference, educating, supporting and furthering the causes of whole health and well-being of mothers, it seems we should have an official word to recognize them. As an aspiring mamavist I was elated today to read of the launch of HuffPost Global Motherhood,

Global Motherhood will go beyond matters of physical health to address the full spectrum of issues affecting mothers and their babies…

Now we have a global online news source to educate, inform and connect mothers on issues important to all of us.

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Flavored Milk in Schools? Bend Moms for Moms members earn media attention for school milk discussion

A recent discussion on Bend Moms for Moms garnered the attention of the local news media and put several moms in the spotlight on an issue that is near and dear to their heart: the prevalence of flavored milk in the Bend La Pine School District. One simple post from a concerned mother encouraging others to write the school board, PTAs and nutrition services should they be interested in joining a fight to switch to all-white milk, led to the most popular discussion on the site in its one-year history. Moms on both sides of the debate joined in on the honest, and sometimes controversial discussion, and several have started a group to actively petition the school board.

“This is what it’s all about,” said Sarah Daily, Bend Moms for Moms owner. “Encouraging open and honest debate about the issues we as mothers care about and are invested in for our children.

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Lindsay Ellis from Grand Valley Moms for Moms teams up to lead diaper drive

Imagine having to clean out and reuse a soiled diaper on your baby because your family has to choose between placing food on the table or buying diapers.

Learning that mothers in her own community are faced with that decision, Lindsay Ellis, owner of Grand Valley Moms for Moms, was moved to action. In the Moms for Moms Communities spirit of inspiring mothers to engage in their local community, Lindsay promoted a Diaper Drive through her social network to stock their local food bank with diapers for families in need.

I immediately knew that I had to get Grand Valley Moms for Moms involved.  We are after all,  “Moms for Moms,” here to support each other. I felt the need to rally the support of my members in this cause.

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Rifle Moms for Moms recognized in the Citizen Telegram

Every Moms for Moms Communities site that has launched in a local community has caught the eye of the local media. This week, mom owner of Rifle Moms for Moms, Leanne Worton was featured in The Citizen Telegram. Leanne launched the Rifle site in May 2011, and just three short months later her membership has grown to over 100 local mothers! Congratulations to Leanne for all her dedication to her community, and thank you to the Citizen Telegram for recognizing this valuable community resource for mothers.

What separates this site from the other social networks, other than focusing on parenting, is that this site has a hyper local focus on the people within the respective communities. That is the whole point.

“We want to keep it really local so that it feels very safe,” Worton said.

The site: Riflemomsformoms.com, focuses on the towns of Rifle, Silt and New Castle

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Tribute to the Mothers of September 11th

While standing in the checkout line at the grocery store last week, the cover of People Magazine caught my eye. It was the 9/11 tribute to the 10 mothers who were pregnant and lost their husbands in the attacks. I curled up that night in bed, after tucking in my own girls, and read their stories. I wept for the mother who felt so lonely giving birth to her daughter without her husband’s hand to hold, and another mother who had tears streaming down her face while changing her newborn baby’s diaper mourning that her husband wasn’t there with them. I said a silent prayer for them, and felt overwhelming gratitude that my husband is alive with me to raise our family together and that our daughters have the fortune to grow up with their father.

As I watched the 9/11 10th Anniversary coverage this morning, my mind wandered. As mothers, a special silent bond of understanding connects us all.

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TV interview with Janine Cuthbertson, Founder of Moms for Moms Communities

Check out my recent interview on MomsTV in Aspen, CO. Charla Belinski is a dedicated mother and community member in the Roaring Fork Valley and it was a pleasure to be a guest on her show.


Moms for Moms Communities Blog Launches, Finally!

For the past year and eight months everyone has been telling me, “Janine, you need to launch your blog.” And every time I heard it I knew they were right. I just couldn’t come up for air long enough to tackle it.

The one thing I’ve had to come to peace with is my pace of growing a business as a stay-at-home-working-mother. It is slow. It is slow because it happens in fits and bursts. These first years are so precious, and our older daughter Aria is already turning five in two months! I try my hardest to slow down and be present phentermine mentally and physically with my children when I am in mom mode.  And then when I put on my working-mom hat, I work my hardest. My to-do list is ever growing with ideas I can’t wait to implement, but I’ve focused on prioritizing. And this I owe to my dear friend and business confidant, Robyn Cruze. She grounded me with her quote,

Self-imposed urgency.

First things first. My focus has been to grow each community site and provide each mom owner with the support, encouragement to engage their members. Its taken a lot of sweat and hours, but ground work is now in place to support each of us. Standing on this infrastructure I have found myself taking those first deep breaths. I can take on the next big idea.

Our blog will be our collective voice. A place to connect us all, the mom owners of each site, and all our mom members around the country. Hello world, welcome to Moms for Moms Communities!



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