Flavored Milk in Schools? Bend Moms for Moms members earn media attention for school milk discussion

A recent discussion on Bend Moms for Moms garnered the attention of the local news media and put several moms in the spotlight on an issue that is near and dear to their heart: the prevalence of flavored milk in the Bend La Pine School District. One simple post from a concerned mother encouraging others to write the school board, PTAs and nutrition services should they be interested in joining a fight to switch to all-white milk, led to the most popular discussion on the site in its one-year history. Moms on both sides of the debate joined in on the honest, and sometimes controversial discussion, and several have started a group to actively petition the school board.

“This is what it’s all about,” said Sarah Daily, Bend Moms for Moms owner. “Encouraging open and honest debate about the issues we as mothers care about and are invested in for our children. Here are mothers whose voices had not been heard in other avenues. Bend Moms for Moms gave them a forum to not only be heard, but to bolster their strength, organization and understanding of the topic. It’s exciting to see!”

An article on the debate and Bend Moms for Moms appeared in the Sunday, November 20 edition of The Bulletin, Bend’s daily newspaper.

This really is what Moms for Moms Communities is all about; providing mothers a safe and easy way to connect, find information, share and offer support and most importantly to be inspired to engage in their local community! Congratulations Sarah on fostering this valuable local community resource for your mothering community in Bend.


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