Moms for Moms Communities Blog Launches, Finally!

For the past year and eight months everyone has been telling me, “Janine, you need to launch your blog.” And every time I heard it I knew they were right. I just couldn’t come up for air long enough to tackle it.

The one thing I’ve had to come to peace with is my pace of growing a business as a stay-at-home-working-mother. It is slow. It is slow because it happens in fits and bursts. These first years are so precious, and our older daughter Aria is already turning five in two months! I try my hardest to slow down and be present phentermine mentally and physically with my children when I am in mom mode.  And then when I put on my working-mom hat, I work my hardest. My to-do list is ever growing with ideas I can’t wait to implement, but I’ve focused on prioritizing. And this I owe to my dear friend and business confidant, Robyn Cruze. She grounded me with her quote,

Self-imposed urgency.

First things first. My focus has been to grow each community site and provide each mom owner with the support, encouragement to engage their members. Its taken a lot of sweat and hours, but ground work is now in place to support each of us. Standing on this infrastructure I have found myself taking those first deep breaths. I can take on the next big idea.

Our blog will be our collective voice. A place to connect us all, the mom owners of each site, and all our mom members around the country. Hello world, welcome to Moms for Moms Communities!



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