Missoula, MT

view from sentinel big2Besides the hundreds of outdoor recreation activities Missoula has to offer, it also has countless programs and activities for families and children. Missoula allows children to grow up in a supportive, loving and caring environment, empowering youth to reach their full potential.


Missoula is a unique, gem of a Montana town. Not quite urban, but not as rural as our Montana neighbors, Missoula is nestled in a valley, surrounded by five mountain ranges, with the Clark Fork River running through our quaint, charming town. Our back yard lends itself to a variety of outdoor activities, from skiing in the winter to floating the run-off in the summer. Our summers are spent at the market, river, hiking with our dogs, biking trails, dancing at Out to Lunch and Downtown ToNight, races and marathons. Our autumns are short and painted with beautiful falling leaves and the cheering fans for Griz football. Our winters are long, and spent playing in the snow (some favorites include skiing and snowboarding the Bowl, attending craft fairs and cross-country skiing to local breweries). Our not so favorite winter pastime is spent shoveling out our cars, revealing our bumper stickers that read, “Keep Missoula Weird” and “MisSOULa.” Our springs are much like our falls – short. So short in fact that there may not be a distinct season, rather one winter day turns to summer. Missoula is the perfect place to raise children, and was named six times as “100 best communities for young people.”


Community Owner: Sienna Solberg

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