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I want my children to see me make a difference and I believe that Myrtle Beach Moms for Moms is going to help me do that!

My husband, Jake, and I grew up in a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I was the granddaughter of a preacher and he was the town “bad boy” so of course we pulled a Romeo and Juliet. We met fresh out of High School and were inseparable. We were married in 1998 and in 2001 went on vacation with my parents to beautiful Myrtle Beach SC and before our week in paradise was up, we had signed a lease for a condo and found jobs and called our employers in VA and put in our two weeks notice.  The beautiful beaches and warm air was just what we were craving. Myrtle Beach was our HOME.

In 2004 we were blessed with the most beautiful blue eyed baby girl I had ever seen, Hannah Paige. I had no idea that I could love someone that I had just met SO MUCH! I stayed at home with Hannah for the first 6 months and then because living at the beach with a baby wasn’t very cheap, I had to find a job. I went to work full time and put Hannah in daycare. She was in daycare for a couple of years but stayed sick due to asthma that she eventually grew out of. We enrolled her in a private Christian School for Pre K and she loved it. But something happened in Kindergarten, she started really struggling with her school work. We thought she was just a little behind so we held her back another year in K-5. She passed and went on to 1st grade. During that school year my son, Gavin Tyler was born. He was such a blessing to our little family. Hannah fell head over heals for him. After Gavin turned 6 months we noticed that he wasn’t growing and that he wasn’t meeting any of his milestones. His Pediatrician referred us to a Geneticist in Charleston where he was tested and found to have a rare chromosome disorder. During this same time, I got a phone call from Hannah’s teacher saying that she was more than likely going to be held back another year. We had the entire family tested and found that my husband was a “silent carrier” of the Genetic disorder and that in fact, my daughter also had a chromosome abnormality that was effecting her learning. Only weeks after finding out this shocking news, my husband was badly injured at work.

Two months after all of this, I lost my job of 4 years. I was devastated. I had two children with special needs and a husband who was disabled and now no insurance or income other than unemployment and my husbands measly workers comp check. I thought my world had completely crashed down around me in a matter of a few months. What was I going to do? I had worked since I was 16 with only a brief break when my babies were born. And now, here I am, AT HOME with my husband who also wasn’t working and my son who had special needs…….I had no idea that God was working behind the scenes and this was all part of his master plan. One morning I was driving Hannah to school to talk to her teacher about repeating 1st grade when this crazy thought popped in my head….I asked Hannah “What would you think about being Homeschooled?” Of course she looked at me like I was crazy and then said “yeah, sure, lets do it”. I went to the meeting with the school and told them my idea and they supported me 100% and even offered to help in any way that they could. We started homeschooling and my son started in home therapy session in the same week. We got a routine going and things were running pretty smoothly when I realized that Hannah was really missing her friends. I looked online for event calendars and saved the pages that had the most info onto my “favorites”. There were so many things to do that we couldn’t keep up with it all. That’s when I joined a Homeschool Co-Op that helped me to narrow down “kid friendly” events and also connected me with other mothers in the same position as myself. I was hooked!!

I was born to be a stay at home mom and I had NO idea!!! I was posting all our outings on Facebook with tons of pictures of me and the kids out on the town living up the Homeschool Life in Myrtle Beach. I had always had a passion for helping others and being a part of something special. We started donating items and attending benefits for Children with Special Needs. It wasn’t long that I drew a crowd to all of the things that we were out doing. Friends started writing me …. “What are you and the kids up to this week?” “Any good family friendly events coming up in town?” “Where’s a good place to ______?” “Do you have a recipe or good coupon you can share with me for my next visit to the store?”……..I couldn’t believe the amount of attention that my pictures and status updates were getting BUT it wasn’t going to be long until my unemployment ran out and then what was I going to do???? And that’s when my friend and ex-coworker, Leanne (owner of Rifle Moms for Moms) sent me a private message and said “I have something that I think you would LOVE and you could make money at it too”. After a few messages back and forth and some researching online I knew that THIS was what I was waiting for! I am so excited to start this DREAM and to make a difference in other mom’s lives and in our community.

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