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I believe in women and our power to form community and support each other. I believe that our lives are enhanced by this community.

When my family moved to Carbondale in June 2014 one of my first priorities was to meet people, form community. While getting a Rec Center membership I asked about activities for young kids and I was pointed to the Carbondale Moms for Moms website. That very night I requested a membership and was so excited to see how many groups and resources were available on the site.

You can imagine my excitement when the opportunity to be a part of Carbondale Moms for Moms presented itself. This is such a great opportunity to enhance community while learning new skills. I fired off an e-mail to Janine within minutes of the discovery. In this community I see so much potential to help mothers to connect, inform, support and inspire.

I’ve always been on a career track, earning a PhD in Ecology in 2009. Before kids I thought I would remain on this track. When Kai was born in 2010 I realized that part of me would always be with him, my attention divided. I hung in there at work for the next four and half years and through the birth of our second son Dax in 2013, and have just recently given in to the pull of staying home with my young boys and spending as much time with them as I can while they are young.

That said I also value and need time spent away from my littles to recharge my batteries. In this time I love to read, get together with friends, run, be outside, knit, and pursue new interests such as making soap or creating my own sourdough starter.

Mothers are easy to connect with; we have so much in common. We can lift each other up. Carbondale Moms for Moms is already a place where we do this. I look forward to building on the strong foundations laid, continuing the legacy of this site that is already connecting and supporting mothers. I want to give to this community. I want to meet, support and lift up mothers of every age and station. I look forward to providing a place for mothers to connect, plan, and learn.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world” -Norman Vincent Peale

Not all those who wander are lost.”- J.R.R. Tolkien

“I don’t have to chanse extraordinary moments to find happiness – its right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.”- Brene Brown

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