Rifle Moms for Moms recognized in the Citizen Telegram

Every Moms for Moms Communities site that has launched in a local community has caught the eye of the local media. This week, mom owner of Rifle Moms for Moms, Leanne Worton was featured in The Citizen Telegram. Leanne launched the Rifle site in May 2011, and just three short months later her membership has grown to over 100 local mothers! Congratulations to Leanne for all her dedication to her community, and thank you to the Citizen Telegram for recognizing this valuable community resource for mothers.

What separates this site from the other social networks, other than focusing on parenting, is that this site has a hyper local focus on the people within the respective communities. That is the whole point.

“We want to keep it really local so that it feels very safe,” Worton said.

The site: Riflemomsformoms.com, focuses on the towns of Rifle, Silt and New Castle, according to Worton who started and monitors the site. On the site mothers can discuss specific issues about parenting and kids.

“It gives you a safe place to ask questions and get that motherly advice that you may not have in other social networks,” Worton said.

The site has personal privacy settings and is secure and monitored by Worton. Members include everyone from first time mothers to great-grandmothers. And, despite the name, even fathers can join.

“There is a group for dads on there,” Worton said. “They are welcome to join the site.”

Visit the Citizen Telegram to read the entire article. Congratulations Leanne!


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