Sisterhood of Motherhood, Moms for Moms Communities celebrates the launch of HuffPost Global Motherhood

Mamavist, [ma-ma-vist]: noun. 1) someone who is vigorous advocate of causes pertaining to mothers.

Surprisingly mamavist wasn’t listed in the dictionary, this is my own definition of the word. With all the amazing, strong, dedicated mothers around the world who are making a difference, educating, supporting and furthering the causes of whole health and well-being of mothers, it seems we should have an official word to recognize them. As an aspiring mamavist I was elated today to read of the launch of HuffPost Global Motherhood,

Global Motherhood will go beyond matters of physical health to address the full spectrum of issues affecting mothers and their babies…

Now we have a global online news source to educate, inform and connect mothers on issues important to all of us. A blog entry from today that resonated with me was No Mom is an Island written by author Harvey Karp. I am reminded of the Good Shepard Group on our Carbondale Moms for Moms site; moms dedicated to offering help to one another in times of need. It is a perfect example of what Karp refers to.

Just as Global Motherhood aims on a world-wide level to create a “sisterhood of motherhood”, Moms for Moms Communities is attaining that goal on each of our community sites from Aspen to Whitefish on an intimate, local level. The mom members on our sites connect with one another authentically sharing information, finding and offering support and being inspired to engage in their local community.

Thank you Arianna Hufifington for recognizing the value of a sisterhood of motherhood and spotlighting it on a global scale.


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