Special Needs Moms for Moms: An Engaged Community

SpecialNeedsMomsforMoms.com was launched in October 2o11 for mothers of special needs children to connect, find information, share and offer support and be inspired to engage. In just 4 short months the site has grown to 278 members. Every member of this social network is building a stronger special needs community by engaging with other mothers on a similar journey.

I want to highlight the strengths on Special Needs Moms for Moms and build upon what they do best. The members are a diverse group of mothers who share authentically. Their honest and open dialog makes SpecialNeedsMomsforMoms.com the source moms turn to for information
when first learning of a diagnosis, to finding support when they are giving it their all but nothing is working, to celebrating each tiny step of success, to being educated and inspired by others’ stories,” explains Janine Cuthbertson, Founder of Moms for Moms Communities.

Cuthbertson celebrates the success of the site so far and “encourages the members to continue to be there for each other and rally behind their passions. Imagine what you can give and receive as an engaged mothering community.” She expresses gratitude to “each of the members who have ever posted, commented, shared, opened your heart, trusted the process and believed! You are valued, appreciated, trusted and an inspiration to all.”

Are you the mother or caregiver of a child with special needs? You are invited to join at www.SpecialNeedsMomsforMoms.com

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