Building Community One Year at a Time. Grand Valley Moms for Moms earns media attention at one year anniversary milestone.

Lindsay Ellis and Grand Valley Moms for Moms celebrated a wildly successful first year on Wednesday and deemed a spotlight on ABC’s KJCT Channel 8 Evening News. In the past local mother, Lindsay Ellis had tried her own hand at blogging about things to do with kids in the Grand Valley, but struggled to reach an audience. One year ago she discovered Moms for Moms Communities™ and learned of the opportunity to run her own social network for mothers. In just 365 days, 579 mothers joined the site, discussed 190 topics on the Forum, and created 34 niche interest Groups. launched on February 1, 2011 and has been called a “superhighway of local mom information” and become the “go to local community resource for mothers” in the Grand Valley.  

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Lindsay Ellis from Grand Valley Moms for Moms teams up to lead diaper drive

Imagine having to clean out and reuse a soiled diaper on your baby because your family has to choose between placing food on the table or buying diapers.

Learning that mothers in her own community are faced with that decision, Lindsay Ellis, owner of Grand Valley Moms for Moms, was moved to action. In the Moms for Moms Communities spirit of inspiring mothers to engage in their local community, Lindsay promoted a Diaper Drive through her social network to stock their local food bank with diapers for families in need.

I immediately knew that I had to get Grand Valley Moms for Moms involved.  We are after all,  “Moms for Moms,” here to support each other. I felt the need to rally the support of my members in this cause.

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