Tribute to the Mothers of September 11th

While standing in the checkout line at the grocery store last week, the cover of People Magazine caught my eye. It was the 9/11 tribute to the 10 mothers who were pregnant and lost their husbands in the attacks. I curled up that night in bed, after tucking in my own girls, and read their stories. I wept for the mother who felt so lonely giving birth to her daughter without her husband’s hand to hold, and another mother who had tears streaming down her face while changing her newborn baby’s diaper mourning that her husband wasn’t there with them. I said a silent prayer for them, and felt overwhelming gratitude that my husband is alive with me to raise our family together and that our daughters have the fortune to grow up with their father.

As I watched the 9/11 10th Anniversary coverage this morning, my mind wandered. As mothers, a special silent bond of understanding connects us all. Perhaps we could show our sympathy for their loss and support them by letting them know there are mothers around the country who have them in their thoughts.

I thought to myself, “How amazing if the members of all the Moms for Moms Communities sites joined together to write cards to these 10 mothers?”

I am going to a write a card to the two mothers whose stories touched me the most, and I invite each of you to do the same. Then collectively, as an extended family of mothers, we can send our letters to raise their spirits.

I invite you to visit the page that I created for this initiative. If you would like to write a letter you will find delivery instructions at the link below.

I will collect all the letters (keeping them sealed and confidential) and mail them together to each mother.


Janine Cuthbertson

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