Moms for Moms Communities sites are…

  • Social networks for mothers based on our principals to connect, share information, find and offer support and be inspired.
  • Building stronger communities by engaging mothers.
  • Hyper-local based on location, or revolve around a special interest so all the information is relevant.
  • 100% user-generated content encouraging each member to participate.
  • Run by a “Community Mom” who leads her community, and is the liaison between the outside community and her members.
  • Connecting a larger than you can imagine community of mothers around the world

Our Guiding Principals are to…

  •  CONNECT – Get to know other mothers in your community or interest. We are powerful, beautiful and diverse! Put a few of us together and there’s nothing we can’t do.
  • INFORM – Share information about what it’s like to be a mom in your community or niche. We are here to give and get advice and reviews straight from other mothers.
  • SUPPORT – Ever have one of those days? The kids are driving you crazy, your partner is a stress case, and all you want is a glass of wine with a good friend? It’s called support, and you’ll find it here on Moms for Moms. Ask questions, get advice, vent your frustrations. We all have those days!
  • INSPIRE – Mothers have the hardest job on Earth. The way we navigate through the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, careers and life is inspiring. Inspire. Be inspired. Whether you have a newborn, teenager, grandchild or empty nest, all you have to do is open your heart and share!

Here is what you’ll find on every site…

The Forum

The Forum is the heart of the site where all the mom-to-mom communication happens. It keeps members informed and in the loop on everything going on in the community where they can ask questions, get advise and offer their 2 cents to support other mothers.


Moms are passionate! We all have causes, pursuits, and interests that we dedicate ourselves to. Find like-minded moms around your passions in a wide variety of niche Groups from Breastfeeding to Education Reform. As our networks grow, the Groups showcase our diversity.


Its the age-old question, “What am I am going to do with the kids today?” You’ll find the answer on the Events section. Learn about happenings in your community for kids, families and mom too! From arts and entertainment to parenting workshops.


Who knew babies needed so much stuff! For pregnant mamas looking for a great deal, or moms who are ready to find a good home for all that gently used kids gear, the Marketplace connects sellers and buyers. Its like a mini “Craig’s List” for each community. There’s even sections for “I’m Giving it Away” and “I’m Looking For” so moms can recycle and upcycle!


Moms for Moms Communities wants to support local, mother-owned businesses. ShopMom! is a chamber of commerce for members of the site. Mom members who own their own business can join ShopMom! to have their listing in the directory and use the site to promote their business in a variety of ways.

 And so much more!

  •  Members post photos and share videos
  • Businesses offer Perks and Giveaways for our members
  • Friendship
  • Volunteer Opportunities and Calls to Action

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