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As a mother, being part of a Moms for Moms Communities site is a gift! A gift that I want all mothers across the country to have. The sites provide a place for connection, information, support and inspiration to mothers, which builds stronger communities for us to raise our families in. As a “Community Mom” you will become a leader in your community. You will learn hands on about social media, collaboration and entreuprenuership while becoming an integral member of the Moms for Moms Communities team!

We have created a resource package that will provide you with all of the essential tools to venture forward on your new journey as a “Community Mom” with Moms for Moms Communities!

To get you started we will:

  • Build your new community site
  • Create a branded logo for your community site
  • Set-up a branded email account for you
  • Supply you with your first 250 business cards
  • Provide guided instruction to personalize your community site
  • Nationwide launch and continued promotion through Moms for Moms Communities
  • Your own profile page on

As a “Community Mom” you will receive:

  • Admin privileges of your Moms for Moms Communities website
  • Hosting of your website and email
  • Training Modules to hold your hand
  • Mentorship from the other Community Moms through our team Forum
  • Merchant Services for credit card payment collection for advertising
  • Use of our Client Management Database
  • Use of team “Wiki” site for all support and sharing of information with other Community Moms
  • Liscening of  Moms for Moms Communities Brand, logo and continued marketing

I hope you are as excited as I am to take the next step and let the Journey Begin! Are you ready to express your entrepreneurial spirit? Launching a Moms for Moms Communities site is an adventure! It will take you places you never imagined – you will become an advocate for mothers, an active community leader, a connector and an inspiration, all while continuing to enjoy being a mom raising your children.

Most important of all… you are the leader. It is your community to create, nurture, grow and lead. I really look forward to beginning the journey with you, answering all of your questions and launching your Moms for Moms Communities site! Contact me directly and let’s take the next step together!

Janine Cuthbertson, Creator of Moms for Moms Communities

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