Our Guiding Principals

The philosophy of Moms for Moms Communities is to create a place for mothers to connect, find information, share and offer support, and be inspired to engage in their community.

The foundation of Moms for Moms Communities is to be a hyper-local and relevant community resource that adds value to our everyday lives. I view Facebook as a global collection of members that share a connection but not the daily bond of sharing a local community. Each Moms for Moms Communities site zooms into a single community and becomes a living and breathing resource. All of the information on the site is relevant to every member. Members feel safe to share and they put a high level of trust into the site because of the small degree of separation between friends and acquaintance. The membership of each site is actively moderated to protect each member’s privacy. The content is 100% user generated by members so the information is always current, fresh and relevant.

It has always been important to me that each community site is fostered from “within”. In the spirit of being hyper-local each site is run by a “Community Mom.” It takes a mother walking down “Main Street” and interacting with local families and businesses. She becomes a community leader and connector within her town, using the site to promote dialog, community action, support and awareness.

Small mountain towns lend themselves to be perfect places for successful Moms for Moms Communities sites. Bordered by rivers and mountain ranges, these locations are geographically isolated which creates the increased need for connection and sense of community. Families choose to live in these beautiful places because they want to raise their children in safe and nurturing environments that provide access to the outdoors, friendly people and supportive communities. Typically mothers with these values are eager to share information, provide support and use their Moms for Moms Communities site to better their community.

My hope is for the mothers of every small mountain town across the country, and around the world, to have a Moms for Moms Communities site to call their own. As connected and engaged mothers we have the power to build stronger communities for our children, our families and ourselves. I know what a positive impact each community site can have. Join me and imagine what good we can do when all of us are connected across the county as one Moms for Moms Community!

I am always looking for mothers to launch a Moms for Moms Communities site in their own home town. Are you, or any mom you know, ready for an adventure that will inspire you as a mother, a business owner, an entrepreneur and a community leader?

Launch Your Community!
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